6846 Diteq C-52 Wet Diamond Core Bits

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Manufacturer: Diteq
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Diteq C-52 Wet Diamond Core Bits

Diteq's C-52 double pointed core bits have specially formulated diamond segments that allows it to drill through cured concrete with hard aggregate and heavy steel quickly and smoothly.


  • Faster drilling with the double-pointed segments provide incredibly fast drilling speeds
  • Fast seating and reduced vibration, the double-pointed tips penetrate quickly, and hold a straight drilling path to reduce side drag
  • Reduced vibration improves drilling efficiency and bit life
  • Improved cooling and slurry removal the double pointed segments increases water flow to reduce heat and removed slurry more efficiently
  • Specially formulated segments contain high concentrations of quality diamonds combined with a special blend of metal powders to deliver maximum performance with lowest drilling costs
  • Wide spaced segment design with tall segments, (.420")
  • 1" to 1-1/2" = 5/8"-11 Threaded Hub
  • 1-5/8" and up = 1-1/4"-7 Threaded Hub
  • 1" to 6" Bits diameter are Laser Welded
  • .420" / 10.7mm Segment Height
  • Any length available upon request

Improved C-52 Small Diameter Core Bits

  • 1" to 1-7/8" diameter are now crown segments!
  • Improved water flow with more water channels
  • Improved Cooling and clean out of the cuttings
  • Improved segment retention with increased base
  • Faster drilling more aggressive segments
  • Longer bit life
  • Laser-welded

Wet Bit Specifications

  • 1" to 14" bit diameter: 14" core travel
  • 16" to 17" bit diameter: 20" core travel
  • 18" to 19" bit diameter: 22" core travel
  • 20" to 31" bit diameter: 24" core travel

Questions & Answers (2)

7/12/2019 4:55:22 pm

What is the depth of the inside of the bit? Ie. what is the longest core that could be taken with this bit?

Each depth willvary depending on which diameter you are looking at. The biggest size diameter, 31", has a core travel of 24". 

7/22/2019 4:26:32 pm

If I place this order 7/23/19 can you have it to 56470 by 7/26/19

Delivery time from our warehouse to Minnesota is about 3 business days.

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