9952 Chameleon Tile Vent Floor Registers

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Manufacturer: Isla Carmen LLC
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Chameleon Tile Vent Floor Registers

Stands out by blending in! Floors never looked this good before!


  • Chameleon vent registers offer a flush-mounted, high-strength, versatile, finish to a new floor
  • Designed for use with hard-surface material such as ceramic tile, stone, hardwood and concrete
  • By incorporating pieces of the surrounding flooring, the Chameleon blends in, yet stands out as a true hand-crafted design
  • Available in 5/16" or 1/2" thickness
  • The independent, two-part frame and cradle also permit easy maintenance of the vent interior
  • Material must be at least 1/4" thick or greater
  • Air damper available , item 9951
  • The size of the vent opening in the floor will determine the size of the register. For example, a 4'' X 8'' opening calls for a 4'' X 8'' register
  • Flange size: 1-1/16"
  • *NOTE: The size of the product has not changed. The manufacturer has determined that the more suitable size to market would be a 5/16" thickness, rather than a 3/8" thickness. If you have ordered the 3/8" thickness in the past, then you will need to order the same dimensions at 5/16" thickness

Installs in Three Easy Steps

  • 1. Start with our engineering strength, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and cradle
  • 2. Insert installer-cut pieces of floor material into the Chameleon's register channels
  • 3. The result: A custom installation flush with surrounding material, creating an integrated design

Lifetime Warranty

  • On manufacturing defects and a “no hassle” return policy if you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason.

Instructions for Creating a Template for the Chameleon Floor Register

Example; The vent opening in the floor needs a 2.25 x 10 register, you will need a template (use 1/2" plywood or similar material) which measures exactly 4.25" x 12". Install the template with double-faced tape or similar temporary adhesive on the sub-floor, being sure to center it over the vent opening. You can then install the flooring material around the register, making allowances for the grout joint you are using with the field tile. You can leave the temporary template in place until the register arrives, then remove the template and install the register, grout the register, and you'll have a perfect finish to the floor.

Questions & Answers (3)

8/16/2016 8:45:12 am

I noticed all the sizes changed from 3/8" thickness to 5/16". How come there was a change?

This product was formerly known as suitable for flooring of 3/8" depth, but is actually more suitable for flooring of 5/16" depth, according to the manufacturer. The manufacturer also recommends that if the installed flooring material is thicker than 5/16", consider using the 1/2" register, since it is easier to adjust the depth of the register frame relative to the subfloor than to adjust the thickness of the flooring material to achieve a flush fit.

2/12/2018 1:02:53 pm

Does the 5/16" represent the overall depth of frame vs. the depth of the channel that the tile sets in? Is it possible to get a spec sheet on the frames? Di understand it correctly that the thickness of the metal is the approximate thickness of the thin-set? I am concerned that once set in thin-set over my floated floor, the frame will sit proud of my tiled floor. Thanks.

The 5/16" represents the channel depth. Please reference this image ( not quite a spec sheet).

We also recommend reviewing the manufacturer instructions.

Click here to view full installation instructions and measurement details.

4/7/2020 12:07:45 pm

Do you offer this product with different finishes on the visible metal parts? The rest of the bathroom will have bronze finish on hardware.

Chameleon registers have only one finish and are designed for tile inserts that match you floor tile.

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