5140024-37 Armature & Bearings for Dewalt D24000 Tile Saw

SKU: 5140024-37
Manufacturer: Dewalt
MPN: 5140024-37





Replacement Armature Bearings for Dewalt D24000 Tile Saw


  • Replacement Armature and Bearings Dewalt D24000 tile saw
  • Mounts on type 1 and type 2 saws

Questions & Answers (3)

2/27/2016 6:42:34 pm

My dewal saw is cutting tile in a warped pattern is this a balance bearing issue?

Your tile cutting warped could stem from more than one particular issue. It could be the actual blade itself or a lot of play on the cart itself. Feel free to call us at 1-800-709-0002 for further information or questions.

1/14/2018 10:15:24 am

what kind of grease do you use on gear drive


Any general purpose "gear grease" would work fine.

Thanks for contacting Contractors Direct.

3/7/2018 3:20:49 pm

How do I remove/pull out the armature and bearing assembly from my dewalt d24000 tile saw. I have it completely taken apart but can't remove it from the cast housing(already removed the arbor and gear on the blade side) I don't see any clips or retainer rings anywhere. I think the front bearing is worn and I'm trying to replace it. Thanks.


After contacting Dewalt parts department at Stanley Black & Decker, we were informed that there is no available video or pdf manual describing that procedure.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please let us know if you discover what is holding you part in.

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