Tuscan SeamClip From Pearl Abrasive, Blue Seam Clips

From the creators of the popular Tuscan Leveling System the new single-piece system that virtually eliminates lippage during tile installation.

The SeamClip

  • From Pearl Abrasive is a 1 piece system that requires no tools to install or remove.
  • With the popularity of large format tiles lippage has become more of a problem!
  • Now with the Tuscan SeamClip single piece leveling system you can get the job done with no extra tools to buy.
Installation Instructions
  • Simply slide the base under the tile, close the wings on the side and after the installation has cured, use a rubber mallet to remove the top portion from the surface.
  • Blue SeamClip are For 1/4" thick large format thin-body ceramic tile and for gauged tile less than 3/8" thick.
  • Thickness of the the SeamClip is 1/32''.
  • For use on both walls and floors.
  • Made in the USA with recycled material.
  • Easy Removal!

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Proved to be not for this Lone Ranger DIY dude..........

Really thought these looked like the best for a DIY dude and price wise. Bought 2 boxes for 2 small 30 sq ft each bathroom projects.

Maybe if you had a helper – and had tiles larger than 12”. But for 12” tiles and using Tavy spacers there was hardly room for all the clips and spacers. Working over Hard-Backer board made it impossible, due to how quickly the mortar sets over concrete backer board. This was a small 6’x5’ bathroom – by the time I set the first row of 5 tiles and went back for the 2nd row – the first row had set and the clips did no good – and even sheared off from the stress while trying to set. I quickly realized all my dreams of the perfectly flat floor using these clips was dashed.

Also if your floor isn’t really flat and level to begin, you will be fighting against an uphill battle. So I removed all the clips from the first row and laid the tiles the old fashioned way, by hand with a level. I certainly do like the Tavy clips though............. LOL

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