Tajima JPR-SET Japan Pull Saw Set with 16 TPI and 19 TPI Blades
  • Razor-sharp triple cutting-edge teeth, impulse hardened for durability.
  • Premium-grade thin spring steel blades for fast cross-cuts, flexes for ultra-close flush-cuts.
  • Patented quick-connect blade retainer holds blade securely yet allows for fast blade change.
  • Light weight wood handle with tubular elastomer grip for comfort and non-slip performance.
  • Cuts cleaner, faster and with less effort than conventional hand saws.
  • For wood, PVC, ABS plastic, and more.
  • Canvas trifold case included.
Japan Pull Saw Features
  • Because they cut "on the pull," our blades are thin, lightweight, and flexible (which allows for flush cutting).
  • Pull-To-Cut method prevents binding and buckling seen in traditional push saws.
  • Ultra-thin blade kerf for straight, accurate, clean, and controlled cut that is easy to start.
  • Teeth are precision-ground from (not stamped into) the highest quality carbon spring steel.
  • The saw teeth are extremely sharp with three cutting edges.
  • The teeth are electrically impulse-hardened to stay sharp two to three times longer than ordinary handsaw blades.
  • Teeth are angled to work most efficiently with a pull-cut.
  • Every fifth tooth is made at a different angle to clean debris from the kerf.
  • Let the weight of the saw do the work for you, the usual downward pressure is not needed.
  • You can saw overhead, make an undercut (from the bottom up) at any angle, and flush cut.
  • 0-10° is the best angle for a smooth cut.
  • Saw works as an extension of your arm, so there's no need to cock your wrist when sawing.
  • Industrial strength elastomer handle with soft grips.
Tajima Rapid Pull Blade Options:
  • GNB-300, 13 TPI Coarse, aggressive-cut blade 
  • GNB-265 Standard-cut 16 TPI blade.
  • GNB-250 Fine-cut 19 TPI blade.

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