Raimondi Free Cut 5 ft. Extension, TC5LFEXT

Large format tiles and slabs are becoming increasingly popular. Although customers want bigger tiles, installers have had a tough time fulfilling this request. Thankfully, Raimondi has accepted the challenge! With the Free-Cut Guide System, installers can now easily cut huge tiles and slabs in a single pass. Use this 5 ft. guide extension to increase the maximum cutting length of your Raimondi Free-Cut TC5LF up to 10 ft.!

  • 5 ft. extension guide combines with Raimondi Free Cut TC5LF to extend max cutting length up to 10 ft.
  • Guide extension is made of galvanized steel and extruded aluminum
  • Includes three 4-¾" heavy duty suction cups to attach guide extension to large format tile or slab

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