Tool Holder for Rubi TS & TS+ Tile Cutters

  • Rubi TS20, TS30, TS40, TS40+ Tool Holder - 15860
  • Rubi TS50, TS60, TS50+, TS60+ Tool Holder - 15861 - (Larger Linear Bearings)
  • Separator Handle sold separately

Question & Answers

Which tool holder is compatible with the larger TS70/TS75 tile cutter?

The Rubi part number you would need is 15861. The button you would need to push on this page is "TS50/50+/60+" and this will be compatible with your larger cutter.

Which is the right part number of a tool holder for a TS 40 plus

The Rubi part number for the TS40+ tool separator is 15860.

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My old TS

I have my TS cutter for many years. Keep on making me money. I needed to replace the tool holder, did it and runs smooth like the first day. Best investment, ever.

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Rubi TS Tool Holder TS-60

by - verified purchaser
My TS-60 is 15 years old and to cut straight I had to lean the handle either left or right, with the new tool holder it cuts strait without leaning the handle.

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