Rubi TS Ceramic Tile Cutters - TS-43, TS-57, TS-66

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The Rubi TS score and snap tile cutters are lightweight and great for cutting ceramic material, particularly BIII and BIIa (glazed stoneware) type tiles.

Rubi TS Tile Cutter Features

  • Professional tile cutters made in Spain.
  • High performance single-point breaker for maximum cutting efficiency.
  • Bigger base for increased stability.
  • Double guide allows for direct view of the scoring and cutting line.
  • Comes with built-in separator and anti-shock plastic carrying case.
  • Chromed and rectified steel guides with anti-corrosion treatment.
  • 881 Lbs. of breaking power
  • Lateral stop for straight and 45º repetitive cutting.
  • FREE 6mm & 10mm Rubi Scoring Wheels included.
MPN 189401895018960
Length of Cut 17 in23 in26 in
Diagonally Cuts12 in16 in18 in
Weight14 lbs.21 lbs.32 lbs.
Cutting Height1/4 - 5/8"1/4 - 5/8"1/4 - 5/8"

Question & Answers

Is a case included with the RUBI tile cutter or do you have to pay extra?

These Rubi tile cutters come with a case!

Do these Rubi tile cutters come with replacement cutting wheels?

Yes, both 6mm and 10mm replacement scoring wheels are included with the Rubi TS Series Ceramic Tile Cutters.

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Most Helpful Reviews


It's worth it pay for it

by - verified purchaser
13 years with the same cutter. Once the breaker got broken by mistake. Now I need other a little larger. For porcelain are great

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Solid cutter

Great cutter with any tile ive had to use it on, the only problem ive had with it is cutting 45 degree tile with it. The breaking system it uses doesnt really allow you to place a tile on the cutter and break anything but a diagonal cut right down the center. A lot of the time they are not right down the center, besides that i will never buy another cutter for any job other than something on a 45.

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Good for tiling or glass

by - verified purchaser
Awesome!! Don´t remember where I bought the first one but the case was kind of orange. Since then great cutters. Have to sizes. Just one recommendation: cutting long tiles use your left hand to lock the inferior edge and avoid vibrations

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it will last forever

by - verified purchaser
Really good cutter. I used for 20 years the same cutter!!! They used to come in a metal case... Bought years this one but plus version, double power!! Recomendation: there are small scoring wheels 6 mm to cut glass. Try them also with ceramic tile, awesome cuts!!

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