R134 Bartell TCT Cutters, "A" Cage, 7-3/4" Path Cage Assembly

SP8 Heavy Duty Range

Bartell's cages and cutters are great for tasks like milling of misaligned sidewalk, scabbling of concrete surfaces, milling concrete, removing thick urethane rubber, coal tar epoxy, marine non-skid, asphalt, light to medium milling of concrete, and thick non-skid removal from steel.

  • Milling of misaligned sidewalk, scabbling and milling concrete joints.
  • Rough surface texture 7-3/4" Path.
  • TCT cutter inside diameter 0.646".
  • TCT cutter inside diameter 1.572".
Kit contains:
  • 128 hardened washers. 50339.
  • 64 carbide cutters. 50120.
  • Fail cage assembly. 50078.
  • TCT Cutters, "A" Cage double spaced.

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