Laticrete Floor Warming Thermostat & Wire Eye

A digital, programmable thermostat for use with Laticrete floor heat products.

Laticrete Floor Warming Thermostat

  • Features include a built-in GFCI, a 15 ft. floor warming temperature sensor and it is digitally programmable.
  • Silent and uses very little energy.
  • This heating element is Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Representative samples of this component have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable UL requirements.
  • Laticrete Floor Warming Thermostat is manufactured to conserve energy and reduce operating costs.

Laticrete Wire Eye

  • Wire Eye is an electric wire fault indicator designed specifically to be used during the installation of Laticrete Floor Heat products.
  • Floor Heat lead wires are attached to Wire Eye allowing for continuity monitoring during the installation process.
  • If continuity is lost, the Wire Eye emits an alarm to alert the installer of a potential problem

How it works

  • Laticrete Floor Heat utilizes easy to install, reliable technology to provide years of comfort.
  • Heating element is installed using either Laticrete polymer modified thin-set (e.g. Laticrete 254 Platinum) or Laticrete 86 LatiLevel™ beneath the tile or stone of your choice and connected to household standard electric wiring.

Laticrete Floor Heat is easy to install!

  • 1. Measure and plan the area to be covered.
  • 2. Place unit and cut mesh mat (not the blue wire heating element) to make turns and new runs. The flexible heating element bends as needed.
  • 3. Connect wires to junction box/thermostat (this should be done by a licensed electrician). Test unit.
  • 4. Spread the Laticrete polymer modified thin-set or Laticrete 86 LatiLevel™ over the mat. The thin profile makes for a smooth, flat finish.
  • 5. Set flooring.

How much Laticrete Floor Heat will you need?

  • Measure the floor’s square footage only in areas that will be walked on.
  • Omit any areas to be covered by cabinets or permanent fixtures.
  • Laticrete Floor Heat comes in different widths and a variety of lengths
  • Laticrete Floor Warming Design Tool

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