Husqvarna K760 II Concrete Saw (Saw Only)

The K 760 II is ideal for cutting concrete and stone in alterations, renovations and new construction. It is also perfect for cutting smaller holes and adjusting window and door openings, as well as some pipe, asphalt and metal cutting.

  • Free shipping.
  • The only power cutter with a 1 year warranty.
  • Blades sold separately.

Suitable for:

  • Concrete cutting
  • Pile cutting
  • Minor asphalt work
  • Masonry work
  • Gas/water/sewer maintenance
  • Landscape work


The engine, with X-Torq, provides more power, lhigher torque, lowers fuel consumption by 20%, and 75% fewer emissions.

Anti-vibration system

The Husqvarna anti-vibration system reduces vibrations in the handles, so they are more comfortable to hold and can be used for longer periods. Ergonomically positioned handles. The handles and the short engine body mean the user always stands close to the machine, for easier handling and control.

Active Air Filtration

The new Active Air Filtration is one of the most efficient air filtration systems on the market; delivering operational times (dry cutting) of about one year with no filter service required.

Other Features

  • New cylinder & digital ignition system.
  • New blade guard and wet cutting system.
  • SmartCarb, a built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.
  • Patented, dust sealed starter unit, where the return spring and the pulley bearing are sealed.
  • DuraStarter™ also includes a starter cord with increased durability.
  • This makes the starter virtually maintenance free, giving a further boost to the reliability of our cutters.
  • EasyStart ensures 50% easier starting by reducing the compression in the cylinder during starting.
  • Reversible cutting arm which lets you cut closer to walls or the ground.
  • Fully sealed transmission. 
  • Sealed transmission reduces the wear and slippage risk.
  • Fuel indicator on the tank shows fuel level, to help avoid unnecessary stoppages.
  • Easy-adjust blade guard. 
  • Replaceable arbor bushing.
  • Several models are equipped with a Poly-V belt, for better transmission of power, far longer product life and extended service intervals.
  • 25% less noise thanks to a larger muffler.
  • Integrated holder for T-wrench isolated near the water connection.
Husqvarna K760 II Concrete Saw Specifications
Blade Size12 inch 14 inch
Power (Gas)5 hp / 3,700 W5 hp / 3,700 W
No Load RPM5,4005,400
Arbor1 inch1 inch
Depth of Cut4 inch5 inch
Weight20.7 lbs21.6 lbs

Question & Answers

Can you adjust the depth of your cut?

Mike,��There is no cutting depth adjustment or accessory for the K760 at this time.

What is the difference between a K760 and a K760 II?


Thank you for contacting Contractors Direct.

The K 760 II is the newest iteration of the K760 . There are minor internal changes to maintain regulatory compliancy that do not affect performance.

How many CC's is the Husqvarna K760 14" concrete cutoff saw?

The Husqvarna K760 has a Air-cooled 2 stroke engine Cylinder displacement. 73.5 cc

Does the fuel need oil added to it?

This Husqvarna handheld power cutter has a 2-cycle engine, the mix ratio is 1:50 with Husqvarna OilGuard oil.

I am trying to register my Husqvarna K760 where can I find the serial number on the saw?

(Looking at the K760 from the back) On the right hand side, under the belt cover there is a plate with a riveted tag. This tag will have serial number and model number of the saw.

What is the max cutting depth?

The Husqvarna K760 power cutter has a maximum cutting depth of 5 inches.

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Most Helpful Reviews


Very Satisfied - Great Demolition Saw!

by - verified purchaser
This is an amazing machine! I purchased 2 Husqvarna K760 about 1 year ago. We have used them non-stop since then without any issues. Cutting a mixture of concrete slabs and beams (with steel). They start within a couple of pulls and run without issue. This is a great demo saw would recommend to anyone.

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Love this saw!

by - verified purchaser
This saw is an absolute beast!

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Smooth, Sturdy

by - verified purchaser
I chose the model without the oil guard feature. This is the same machine our local rental company offered us and it seemed to hold up well under even the worst conditions. The blade that came with the kit was acceptable but I don't expect it to last. The only problem I experienced with this unit was the fuel cap came off during operation, I don't know what happened and maybe I did not tighten it down enough after filling. This had never happened before or and has not happened since. The saw starts easy and idles smooth. I wish all of my 2-cycles were this good…I’m inspired to buy a new Husqvarna chain saw…

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Best Masonry Saw On The Market

by - verified purchaser
This is a great product known for reliable starts and plenty of power. We considered the larger saw due to it's 16 inch blade capacity but instead opted for the lighter weight saw.It has made life much more pleasant on the job site.

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Husqvarna Concrete Saw Review

by - verified purchaser
Just used the K760 the first time 2 days ago and I will say I was very impressed! I have owned and used Stihl saws for the last 20 years and decided to buy this from Contractors Direct which as they do not offer Stihl saws. I had the 14" Stihl which weighs close to 40 lbs compared to the Husqvarna K760 only weighs 22 lbs, this is a huge difference when you are using this saw all day long. The power was just as good as the Stihls. Would recommend to anyone.

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a-1 job everytime for all masonry work!

by - verified purchaser
this masonry saw is top notch in all types of masonry work. the power of this saw is outstanding and never fades in any use.a must buy for any professional.i give it a five star rating with a plus!

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