MK 140 HF Collomix Paddles (Pair) for Xo55 Duo Mixer

Collomix mixing tools employ state-of-the-art engineering and time tested design to ensure fast professional mixing results.

  • Collomix Pair of Dual Mixing Paddles 8-15 Gallons.
  • MKD is the most aggressive, highest performing paddle system for hand-mixers.
  • For mixing mortars, plasters, screeds, filers, epoxy-resins, cement, bitumen mixes.
  • The paddles may be oriented to control the mixing action direction.
  • Quick connect aggressive mixer use for non aggregated high energy mixes
  • With HEXAFIX® quick-action coupling.
  • 5-1/2" (140mm) paddle diameter.
HEXAFIX® Paddle Construction
  • Provides quick paddle disconnect.
  • Ease of storage & transportation.
  • Ease of paddle cleaning.
  • Positive paddle lock design.
  • Solid Concentricity.
  • Laser Welded Technology.
  • Highly Developed Geometric Design.

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