CS Unitec 10" Pneumatic Concrete Chain Saw, CS 536664-1

The CS Unitec CS 536664-1 concrete chain saw is a powerful air driven chain saw designed to cut through concrete floors, walls, and columns in a single pass. The CS 536163 concrete chain saw features an AirFORCE F4™ diamond chain optimized for pneumatic cutting through reinforced concrete, block, brick, natural stone and concrete pipe.

  • Heavy-duty pneumatic concrete chain saw built to withstand everyday use in the harshest cutting environments
  • Use to make irregular cuts, small mechanical openings, deep plunge cuts, corners cuts and more
  • Cut faster, cheaper and more reliably with the CS-536664-1

CS-536664-1 Concrete Chain Saw Features

  • High torque output
  • Pneumatic operation - no emissions, gas or engine fumes - safe to use indoors
  • Trigger with safety mechanism prevents accidental starting
  • AirFORCE F4™ diamond chain optimized for pneumatic cutting through concrete with steel reinforcement
  • 10" guide bar with internal water feed allows for perfect square corners up to 9" with no over-cuts
  • Built to last - durable industrial finish on die-cast aluminum body
  • Wall-Walker provides leverage advantage to make wall cutting easier
  • Modular design allows for easy maintenance
  • Reliable and easy to service - no carburetors, fuel lines or belts to maintain
  • Stretch Reduction System (SRS) maximizes chain life and reduces need for adjustments
  • Low cost of operation

CS Unitec Pneumatic Concrete Chain Saw Specifications

Power6.5 hp
No Load RPM5,700 RPM
Air Flow124 CFM @ 90 PSI (6 bar)
No Load Torque104 lbs.
Max Depth of Cut10 in.
Noise Level (at 3 ft.)88 dB
Weight32 lbs (w/ Bar and Chain)

What's Included?
  • CS Unitec 10" Pneumatic Concrete Chain Saw
  • 10" Guide Bar
  • AirFORCE F4™ Diamond Chain
  • Operator's Manual

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