4" Alpha Quick Change Backer Pad for PVA

Alpha® PVA Quick Change System is a low speed version of the original “Makita® style” PVA and is designed for use on an aluminum snail-lock backer plate specifically developed for low speed polishing tools

  • Necessary for attaching PVA quick change wheels to a low speed sander / polisher.
  • Max Rpm 4000.
  • The aluminum backer plate is attached to the polishing tool and each of the pads has a snail lock adapter.
  • The adapter simply fits into place and locks on with a twisting motion.
  • To remove the pads simply untwist and remove, then replace with the next grit.
  • This “Quick Change” process saves time & increases productivity
  • Marble shops, tile installers or anyone else that already has access to a low speed polishing tool will find that the Alpha® PVA Quick Change system will speed up their productivity.

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Worked Really Well

Boy this was expensive, but they made my work very easy. I thought such a small item should not cost that much.

I tiled my bathroom with marble and needed to make an edge treatment where the tile ended and the wallboard began. I cut 2 inch strips of tile from the 12 inch squares and then cut a 45 degree and 22.5 degree angle to approximate a round edge.

Then using 5 polishing pads with this adapter made it easy to start with the roughest pad and work down to the smoothest pad to make a nice round shiny edge.

I clamped each piece as they would be next to each other on the wall to a 2 by 4 with a wood strip so that all the bottoms lined up and then ground the individual tiles to match each other.

Also I have never worked with tile before let alone marble and the job came out very professional.

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Snail Lock Rules!!

by - verified purchaser
In my opinion, these are the best. The snail lock is awesome. They never come off in use, and are super quick to change pads.

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