A-Square 4' x 4' Heavy Duty 45° Folding Aluminium Layout Tool

  • The ONLY Folding 4' x 4' x 54" 45° degree layout triangle
  • Easier - Faster - More Accurate.
  • Saves time & money by making it possible for one man to perform the task of two
  • Built to withstand rugged handling, Easy to clean, Won't rust!
  • Provides true 90° angle and two 45°angles in a folding layout square
  • Aircraft quality anodized extruded aluminium
  • Collapsing triangle guarantees precision layout
  • Positive locking, easy to use more accurate, folds to store
  • Great for tile work

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4ft by 4ft 45 degree Heavy Duty Aluminum Layout Tool

I am a Union Tilesetter,I always had to layout all my 45 degree floors with a Tile Helper,because there was the measuring and snapping of chalk lines to layout your 45% floor.For the last year or so,I have not done any Commercial Construction Work,everything I been doing now is on a much smaller scale,because I am doing residential homes.This 45 degree square is the perfect tool for this residential work ,because you are working by yourself a lot of the time,and you do not need a helper to snap chalk lines with you anymore.It not only is perfect for laying a 45 degree diagonal floor,its also great for squaring a floor in a room up ,if you plan on running the tile straight,and not on a diagonal.You go in a room, snap one chalk line off your full tile wall,then measure for your other full tile wall,lay your 45 degree square on your chalkline,and now your room is perfectly square.This is a great tool, I use it all the time,and its made really well,its heavy duty.And it also folds up,when you are done using this square.

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great layout tool!!

by - verified purchaser
great layout tool, esp. if your laying out tiles to go in diagonal.

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