158194 MK Belt, Micro-Poly-V 260J, 6 Ribs, 1/4" (thick)
  • Fits the following Mk saws 115, 100 ,101, 101-pro, 101-pro 24.
  • Effective length 660 mm.
  • V-belts have less vibration so they are smoother running, which also reduces belt slippage and transmits more power to the bladeshaft.
  • Drive load is evenly distributed across the full width of the sheaves with completely supported, continuous belt tension member for reliability and longer life.
  • Belt configuration combines the advantages of V-belts and Flat belts- one piece flat belt with the strong gripping traction of multiple V-belts.
GoodYear 260j Poly-V. Features:
  • Multiple V-ribbed profile provides friction and wedge advantages.
  • High-grade engineered rubber.
  • Strong Vytacord tensile member.
  • L & M cross sections are milled in shorter lengths and are molded in longer lengths.
  • Oil, heat, ozone, and abrasion resistant.

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