What is the warranty?

New equipment sold by iQ Power Tools is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in normal service for a period of One (1) Year as indicated by the product from date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser.

Does the saw come with any blades?

This saw comes with a Q-Drive Combination Blade.

93 lbs. is heavy. Does the saw break down into smaller parts for moving around client homes?

The stand detaches from the saw to carry. The saw is equipped with a wheel kit so you do not have to carry the saw to the job site. Simpy roll is to where you will be cutting, attach the stand, tilt the saw up and you are ready to cut! Here is a video describing the set up of the iQTS244 Tile Saw.

What is the difference between the hard material blade and the combination blade?

The main difference is in the material you will be cutting. The Q-Drive Hard Material Blade is designed specifically to be used for the cutting of harder porcelain and hard granite. The hard material blade is not recommended for ceramic. The combination blade will give you a wider range of materials it is able to cut.

can you cut glass tile and mosaics with this?
any specific blade?

This unit is not recommended for any glass or mosaic tile cutting per the manufacturer

Are you able to tilt the blade to do bevel cuts?

No, but you can get the miter attachment which will allow you to make 22.5° and 45° cuts on ceramic and stone tiles. CD website SKU: 0244-50002-01