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Dia-Glo Diamond Buffing Compound

Dia-Glo Diamond Buffing Compound

$37.94 to $41.50

Will the Dia-Glo marble buffing compound discolor white grout. I need to remove vinegar etches from my marble shower tile and am concerned that any buffing compound would affect my grout.


Dia-Glo Marble Buffing Compound will not discolor white grout.

Will one quart do 120 Sq.Ft.

It depends on the type and condition of the stone but one quart should be sufficient to cover 120 sq ft.

I have black and dark gray/ black marble tops...which polishing compound will work best to bring the black marbe to a high shine without leaving any white or light haze in the black color

Black or dark granite buffing compound would work best

I have a light Marble counter top in bathroom, it needs a shiny finish it is 12 years old. I had to hand buff stains impregnated in surface, used a fine grit sponge sander to remove stains, buffed with baking soda and water in stained area. The blending of buffed area and un buffed area looks fine.
Because of the age and who knows what was used for cleaning (we purchased house 5 months ago) the shine is gone, it looks fine but I am concerned with out a sealer I will constantly be fighting spots.
Any suggestions?

A sealer will not restore a polish. If you sanded all areas and want to bring up the gloss so the stone look wet when it is dry, use DiaGlo M.

May this product be useful on porcelain ceramic gloss?

This product is designed for natural stone, so it is not recommended for use with ceramic or porcelain.

I have tumbled basalt pebbles with silicon carbide grits. Now I would like to bring shine to pebbles by buffing. I like to buy various buffing compounds / bars for final buffing of basalt pebbles. What compounds and wheels should I buy?

Basalt is mostly made of igneous rock therefore DiaGlo Dark Granite and felt should do well to achieve a glossy finish.

My carerra marble kitchen counter got etched by something, coffee maybe, and also has multiple other stains and spots. I got a bid of 500 to re-finish it, but would like to try myself. Suggestions?

This product is ideal for buffing and honing a dull stone. It may not remove enough material to remove the stain

Can this powder be used for polishing concrete?

This product may polish concrete to a certain degree, but polishing concrete can sometimes require multiple steps depending on the current state of the concrete and the desired level of shine. It may be better to use diamond resin polishing pads as they would best used for your application.

I have a white Carrara tile floor that I installed last year. The grout joints were getting dirty, so I scrubbed them with a Scott Brite brush. Not only did I clean the grout joints, but I got a portion of the marble as well. Never thinking that the plastic pad of the Scott Brite brush would scratch/dull the marble. Now , the marble is scratched/dull about 1 inch around the perimeter of the tile. Will this product bring the shine back? If so, what pad should I use? Thanks

The Marble buffing compound may remove enough surface material through the polishing process to bring back the shine in the tile. The polishing process may need to be repeated several times depending on the depth of the blemishes caused by the brush. 

We offer non-abrasive pads for sale as well. 

I have white marmol,countertop. I did wet polishing on it (several grids) and buffed it, however the surface does not shine as before. Will your marble buffing compound bring back the sinning?
If so do I buffed with the machine? At low speeds? If so what type of pad do I need?

This product needs to be used with a dense felt pad and a variable speed grinder at low speeds. 

This product may help improve the sheen, however, a factory-level sheen is hard to replicate.

Hello, we have giallo ornamental kitchen granite countertops. It is a cream background with neutral brown veining fairly even throughout. Which color polishing powder do I need light or dark?

We would recommend the light granite polish since the cream background makes up the majority of the color content.

ALWAYS test any stone polishing or cleaning product, in a 'discrete' location, per the instructions, to ensure that the finish is desirable. 

I have a black with light streak marble floor. I cleaned it and now the shine is gone.. Dull. I would like to return the shine to only 50 sq ft. What products would you suggest I use?

We recommend using using the marble buffing compound with a felt wheel. Always test polishing products in the most discrete location of the surface that you want to polish.

Hello. After polishing my natural marble tiles with 1500, 2000, and 3000 grit hand polishing pads to remove scratches the tile did not have that factory brilliant shine. What grit is your powder? Will it bring back that factory shine?
Thank you

This buffing compound is intended to be the last step in the buffing sequence. It can take care of smaller scratches, but it is not an aggressive polishing pad. Use this compound to bring up an incredibly high gloss finish.