ZWTK ZipWall Dust Barrier Tool Kit

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ZipWall Dust Containment Barrier Tool Kit

ZipWall has created a kit containing everything needed to create a dust barrier up to 16 ft. wide and sealed on all four sides. The ZipWall ToolKit is equipped with all the easy-to-use products you need to save time and help solve all your dust containment needs.


  • Bundle your ZipWall products together and save!
  • Equipped with all the components needed for any dust barrier installation challenge
  • Items included to set up a plastic or re-usable fabric dust barrier, set up an entry in a plastic barrier, create a room within a room, cover a door or seal a barrier without tape

How to create a 16 ft. wide dust barrier

  • Choose your dust barrier material – reusable panels or plastic sheeting
  • Set up the barrier using three poles spaced 8 feet apart
  • Seal your barrier at the ceiling and floor with a Span attached to the top and bottom of a pole. You’ll need two poles, two floor adaptors, and four Spans
  • Seal each wall using one Span and a SidePress. Add a FoamRail and SidePress if the wall is higher than 8 feet
  • With plastic sheeting, create an entry using ZipWall zippers. With reusable panels, use the 2.5 foot panel as a door

Create a 40 ft. wide plastic dust barrier

  • Use plastic sheeting and five poles, spaced 10 feet apart

Create a 10 x 10 ft. room-within-a-room

  • Use plastic sheeting and four poles

Seal an existing door

  • Use a ZipDoor Kit

Seal a hallway

  • Use plastic sheeting or reusable barrier panels
  • Set up the barrier using two poles placed near the walls
  • With plastic sheeting, create an entry using ZipWall zippers. With reusable panels, use zipper between panels as a door
  • If tight sealing is required, use FoamRail and Span tapeless seals along the ceiling, walls, and/or floor

Set up a dust barrier with a drop-ceiling

  • Use the Edge head & plate on the pole closest to the wall on either side of the barrier

What's Included?
  • Five ZipWall 12 foot spring-loaded poles
  • Six FoamRail Span adjustable tapeless seals
  • One FoamRail tapeless seal 2-pack
  • Four wall mounts
  • Five heads and non-skid plates
  • Five GripDisk non-slip pads
  • Two floor adaptors for ZipWall 12 poles
  • One ZipWall heavy-duty zipper 2-pack
  • One ZipDoor standard door kit
  • Two Edge heads & non-skid plates
  • One ZipFast reusable barrier panel multi-pack
  • Carrying bags

Questions & Answers (1)

12/2/2018 11:05:17 am

Is the price on this a typo? This is only worth about $200. I bought half of what you show for under $100

This is the correct pricing on this kit. This is package with over 30 individual items included. The pricing is set by the manufacturer. If you can find the kit advertised at a lower price we can look into matching the price for you. 

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