ZWTK ZipWall Dust Barrier Tool Kit

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ZipWall Dust Containment Barrier Tool Kit

ZipWall has created a kit containing everything needed to create a dust barrier up to 16 ft. wide and sealed on all four sides. The ZipWall ToolKit is equipped with all the easy-to-use products you need to save time and help solve all your dust containment needs.


  • Bundle your ZipWall products together and save!
  • Equipped with all the components needed for any dust barrier installation challenge
  • Items included to set up a plastic or re-usable fabric dust barrier, set up an entry in a plastic barrier, create a room within a room, cover a door or seal a barrier without tape

How to create a 16 ft. wide dust barrier

  • Choose your dust barrier material – reusable panels or plastic sheeting
  • Set up the barrier using three poles spaced 8 feet apart
  • Seal your barrier at the ceiling and floor with a Span attached to the top and bottom of a pole. You’ll need two poles, two floor adaptors, and four Spans
  • Seal each wall using one Span and a SidePress. Add a FoamRail and SidePress if the wall is higher than 8 feet
  • With plastic sheeting, create an entry using ZipWall zippers. With reusable panels, use the 2.5 foot panel as a door

Create a 40 ft. wide plastic dust barrier

  • Use plastic sheeting and five poles, spaced 10 feet apart

Create a 10 x 10 ft. room-within-a-room

  • Use plastic sheeting and four poles

Seal an existing door

  • Use a ZipDoor Kit

Seal a hallway

  • Use plastic sheeting or reusable barrier panels
  • Set up the barrier using two poles placed near the walls
  • With plastic sheeting, create an entry using ZipWall zippers. With reusable panels, use zipper between panels as a door
  • If tight sealing is required, use FoamRail and Span tapeless seals along the ceiling, walls, and/or floor

Set up a dust barrier with a drop-ceiling

  • Use the Edge head & plate on the pole closest to the wall on either side of the barrier

What's Included?
  • Five ZipWall 12 foot spring-loaded poles
  • Six FoamRail Span adjustable tapeless seals
  • One FoamRail tapeless seal 2-pack
  • Four wall mounts
  • Five heads and non-skid plates
  • Five GripDisk non-slip pads
  • Two floor adaptors for ZipWall 12 poles
  • One ZipWall heavy-duty zipper 2-pack
  • One ZipDoor standard door kit
  • Two Edge heads & non-skid plates
  • One ZipFast reusable barrier panel multi-pack
  • Carrying bags

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