Sigma Tile Cutter with MAX Handle

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Product Details

Product Details

Sigma MAX Tile Cutter

Sigma MAX Push Handle Tile Cutters feature a spring-loaded, ball bearing scoring wheel that is designed to help produce consistent scores on unevenly surfaced tile or wood-look textured tile. The Sigma MAX handle eliminates much of the difficulty in cutting textured tile on a manual tile cutter and cuts down on uneven breaks and wasted material.

Sigma MAX tile cutters have a push-handle design that allows the handle to become an extension of the user's arm, allowing him or her to reach a further distance while maintaining consistent pressure on the handle to ensure a smoother score and cleaner snap.


  • MAX easy-grip push handle
  • Ball bearing carbide scoring wheel
  • Spring-loaded tile support table
  • Swiveling measurement bar (in inches)
  • Locking angle mechanism (-45 to +45 degrees)
  • Cuts material between 1/16" and 3/4" (20 mm)

Sigma MAX Tile Cutter Specifications
ModelSigma 3B4MSigma 3C3MSigma 3D4M
Length of Cut24 in30 in36 in
Diagonally Cuts16 in20 in26 in
Weight24 lbs28 lbs30 lbs
Questions & Answers
2 questions

Does this come in inches?

The Sigma tile cutters include a standard measuring guide in inches.

What’s the thickness it will cut?

The Sigma Max tile cutter can cut material between 1/16" and 3/4" thick.

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11/6/2016 10:18 pm


by Birch

This tile cutter is fantastic. I used to have an Ishii and thought that was a good cutter. This is far better. The bar is very strong and the amount of effort required to cut the tile is minimal due to the kick down pad on the Max and the adjustable height due to the screw on the back ow the machine tied to the bar. I also have the art 6 sigma and this 3C3M is So much smoother and easier to use I also find that there has not been a tile I've met that it can cut with near perfect results. The spring loaded supports make it so you can cut an 18" tile into a 1/2" strip with ease. I've not found any other cutters that can accomplish this other than a wet saw. Go Sigma and you will not regret spending that little extra as the quality, versatility and efficiency will help recoup the additional cost within a few jobs.

11/5/2017 4:58 pm

Glad I spent the money!

by Infinite Install LLC

I haven't had this breaker for long but I am already impressed with it. I've been laying tile for 16 years and never been impressed with any breaker but the tomachanic. I had my reservations about straying from the norm but I observed many videos showing the performance of the Sigma. I am completely satisfied. I can even perform curved cuts with this breaker! Once you figure out how to work with it then it's tough to go back to the old school tomechanic. No review can capture how valuable this machine is in the field but search it on YouTube and you will find some good videos that might help you make a decision.

2/27/2018 6:20 pm


by MDoubleU

This is my first time buying and using a tile cutter. Have always used a wet saw.

Spent several days researching tile cutters.... came down to a final two. Went with the sigma based on its history and the great visual aid of you tube videos.

I figured at best, decent cuts for walls.... I was amazed.... in practice cuts, with the right tile type..... some of the best finish cuts I've ever made, even with a wetsaw. I'll still use my wetsaw for finish cuts.... but the cuts are amazing, and ocassionly I may just use it for finish cuts with the right tile.

Amazing machine, worth the money spent and more. Can't rave enough about my Sigma Max.

3/27/2018 7:59 pm


by Jeremiah

The dry cutter is the import tool a tile setter can buy,and sigma is best that is made. All sigmas do great but do yourself a a favor and get a sigma with the max handle,it blows all other cutters away. Including Rubi cutters . The max handle puts sigma ahead off Rubi by lets just say alot!

4/8/2018 9:41 am

sigma is great

by tylit

I have been using sigma cutters for about 15 years now. I prefer the klick klock handle over all others. Sigma is still the best cutting board on the market in my opinion.The wheels last a very long time

5/11/2018 5:47 pm

Amazing tile cutter

by JD

This one puts all others to shame.