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Shower Installation Products

We carry just about everything you will need to build a shower from the ground up.

'Mudpan' Installation Aids

Custom shower pans are generally constructed using a "dry-pack" mortar. Without proper training and technique, it can be difficult to obtain the recommended 4% grade required to drain water effectively. Fortunately, Mark E Industries™ has developed easy-to-use templates to get your mudpan right everytime.

Pre-Formed Shower

Due to the time-cost of installing mudpans, manufacturers have developed pre-formed, waterproof shower pans that allow installers to begin tiling immediately upon proper pan installation. We offer showers pans from Laticrete™, USG Durock™, Schluter™, & Arc Industries™.

Shower Drains

We carry a wide variety of standard shower drains. Some drains have proprietary properties and can only be used with compatible systems, while other drains are compatible with many brands.

Wall Niches

Wall niches are a stylish and functional feature of modern bathrooms. Preformed niches are easy to install and waterproof compared to the classical mehtod of custom framing a wall niche

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