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Schluter System Kerdi Shower Kit

$434.66 to $802.74

Are the kits customizable? Say the shower is 34”x36” with a center drain. If I bought the 48”x48” kit can I make it work?

Yes, the shower bases can be cut to size or extended using dry pack mortar. Make sure to cut down in equal increments to ensure proper slope to the drain.

im looking for 60in x 60in schluter kerdi- shower kit can you help me

The kits do not come in a 60in x 60in. We recommend ordering the 72in x 72in Center Drain Kit and cutting it down to size.

What is the thickness along both sides and ends of the 38" x 60" curbless shower tray with center drain?

The KST965/1525 has a perimeter height of 1-1/8" (along all edges) and slopes down to the center drain.

my tub is 30x54, with left side drain
what size shower kit would i need to take out the tub?

First we would recommend removing any pre-existing tub or shower as the substrate must be clean, even, and load bearing and any leveling must be done prior to shower tray installation. Measure the installation area to determine the proper tray to use. It appears that you may need the 38" x 60" off-center drain kit (KSK9651525S) and then just cut the tray to size prior to application; ideally, the tray is cut equally on all sides to ensure a consistent perimeter height.

I need a special shower base 34" lg. x 32" w. with drain offset towards one end. Is it possible to purchase a special made base?

The kits can be customized to fit your application by cutting the 38" x 60" offset drain kit to size.

With the installation kit, does the plumbing need to be level with the plywood sub-floor to accept the drain.

Plumbing should be installed a couple inches below the sub-floor

I want a 42" x 72" with a center drain. Is this size available?

These products can be cut to the desired size you want. After cutting down the width and/or length, you would be required to waterproof the pan prior to installation.

do you have a shower pan that is 48" x 102" with a 24" trench drain centered

The longest pan available for line drains is 38" x 76".

The waterproofing membrane that goes around the drain is included in what package? The drain kit or shower pan? The drain kit has inside and outside corners plus valve and shower head membranes.

The KERDI drain collar will be included with the KERDI Shower Kit. All shower kits will include the drain collar.