6181 Rubi TX-N Hyper Professional Tile Cutters

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Manufacturer: Rubi Tools
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Rubi TX-N Super Professional Manual Tile Cutters

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Rubi TX-N Manual Tile Cutters are powerful, precise, and highly versatile. The TX-700-N, TX-900-N, and TX-1200-N Rubi tile cutters feature a soft breaker handle, dual reinforced guide, and an angular measurement system for fast and accurate cuts.


  • New torsion-resistant base made of very light aluminum
  • Double set of rectified steel guides, with anti-corrotion treatment
  • No flexing in the rails when breaking in the middle of large floor tile
  • Swivel angle plate with central pivot for repetitive cuts at any angle
  • Large breaker for easy snapping anywhere on tile
  • 2205 lbs of breaking force for hard porcelain
  • Side support swing-out for large format tile
  • Spring loaded breaking pads doesn't trap tile debris
  • Comes with anti-shock plastic case
  • Made in Spain
  • Free 8 mm and 18 mm cutting wheel included.
  • TX-1200-N Includes wheel kit for improved mobility
  • Click here for Replacement Rubi TX Titanium Gold Wheels Scoring Wheels
  • Click here for Replacement Rubi TX Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheels

Rubi TX Professional Tile Cutter Specs
Model TX-700-N Inch TX-900-N Inch TX-1200-N Inch
Length of Cut 28 in36 in50 in
Diagonally Cuts20 in24 in36 in
Weight34.2 lbs39.7 lbs57.3 lbs

Questions & Answers (9)

9/17/2015 3:22:37 pm

I need to cut 18" x 18" tile on a diagonal. Which size cutter do I need?

The Rubi TX-700N Tile Cutter cuts 19.5"x19.5" tile on the diagonal.

10/7/2015 12:28:32 am

Whats the difference in scoring wheels?

The 10mm and 18mm are included with the Rubi TX-N Tile Cutters.

8mm (Ø5/16”) for standard tile and porcelain.
10mm (Ø13/32”) for porcelain.
18mm (Ø3/4”) for granulated and difficult to cut porcelain tiles.
22mm (Ø7/8”) for sharp cuttings in hard ceramics.

1/18/2017 8:12:49 am

Why does it have two sizes of cutting wheels?

Rubi tile cutters feature interchangeable scoring wheels. Each wheel is designed to cut a specific type of tile. Use the 8 mm (5/16") wheel to cut BIa porcelain tile and the 18 mm (3/4) to cut AI, AIIa, AIIb, AIII rustic stoneware.

12/14/2017 10:46:56 pm

Can i cut granit tile with this

Score and snap tile cutters are designed for cutting porcelain and ceramic tile.

Natural stone has different physical properties which will lead to breakage and unclean cuts.

A wet saw with a diamond blade is the best tool for that application.

3/2/2019 7:36:29 pm

I need a cutter to 48 in long titles

The TX1200-N will cut a length of 50in and a diagonal cut of 36in.

7/5/2020 5:00:01 pm

What size tile will it cut?

The Rubi TX-1200-N has a length of cut of 50 inches.  The TX-900-N has a 36 inch length of cut and the TX-700-N has a 28 inch length of cut.

7/10/2020 2:33:22 pm

Do these cutters use the same wheels as my TR 600-S? At least 25 years of professional use and it still cuts like new.

No the TX and TZ cutters use the same scoring wheels.   The TS and TR cutters use different scoring wheels.

Is the case included or is it extra?

The case is included

Does it come with a replacement scoring wheel?

Yes, the Rubi TX-N Hyper Professional Tile Cutter comes with a free 10 mm and 18 mm cutting wheel included

The best by far!!!!!!

by -

You should already know if your reading this. For cutting large tile, this is as good as it gets.

Large Format Only

by -

I could NOT use this cutter. It looks great, If it only worked as good as it looks. You can NOT make small cuts with this unit. It has a great squaring and angle guide. If you do fine work with small cuts I would recomend the Tomecanic.


by -

This would be a great cutter for large and hard tile. It also includes an 18mm cutter, not in desciption. Very easy to use and can break difficult cuts anywhere on the tile. Not for small cuts or soft tile. Will not break under 1" and shatters most cheap material. If you do not specialize in large format, Porcelain tile. do not buy this cutter. The guys at Contractor's Direct know their products, just ask and you will be happy !

Cant Beat it!

by -

There is nothing better than this unit in my mind i have two of them going every day of the week. No breakdowns just keep the rails slippery.

A must have tool!

by -

Yes, it seemed crazy to me to pay nearly $600 for a cutter with no motor but this thing snaps large format 3/8" thick tile effortlessly. Even cutting 3/4" slivers off the edge is no problem and the cut edge is oftentimes cleaner than what my Dewalt saw cut. I am truly impressed with this. I'm in the remodel biz and having a cutter that makes no noise and I can have upstairs with me is a huge time saver. I have the TX900N and it is a little big for a hall bath. That would be the one complaint. It takes up a decent amount of space. But it's a great cutter.

Best cutter I've ever tried

by -

ok, it's expensive, but once you try cutting 20x20 it's worth it. I bought it with 2 wheels and since then... there is no tile break wrong. AWESOME!

Most powerful cutter ever

by -

I bet with friends it could do rip cuts with 2 tiles at the same time because I saw it on internet. 0.85 inches of porcelain tile (2 tiles) and perfect cuts. 2 tiles together!!! Diagonals are also awesome. Best cutter in the market

Rubi tx900

by -

The rubi tx series is the best cutter on market for hard tiles. cuts diagonal tiles with precision leaves points intact. great series get one.

thanks for this Rubi

by -

Tx and tx 900 are the best cutters in the market by far. I read users saying they cant make small cuts. Well... not any more, in the last version even 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch it's possible. awesome!!

Works great!

by -

It's true I paid $570 for this cutter. But It's also true that works perfectly since I bought it. Straight or diagonal cuts, toughest or soft porcelain tiles. It's awesome, the best invest ever

First Time Use of Rubi TX700N


I just purchased this cutter a week ago I had NO problems using this tile cutter. First Job with this cutter-Italian made porcelain tile 12X24 made all good cuts, I was only able to rip cut a 1/2 inch if the breaker foot wasn't so spread out I could have cut even smaller. :-). I did have to practice with some old scrap tile & also had to watch a couple of RUBI videos to see how they were breaking the tile, a steady pressure wasn't working for me so even though I've been setting tile for 14 years I learned something about this cutter. I am very happy with the RUBI TX700N. And the ease of changing the Scoring Wheels is GREAT - NO HASSLE with seeing or big fingers, (all smiles)

best tile cutter you can buy


if you are a professional installer and looking for a tile cutter.do not look for more this the machine you need. i have 15 years doing tile work and any other cutter can compare to tx900n
there is many jobs that can do without the need of wetsaw with this machine...i can say a lot more im so please with this cutter....the best

the real deal


If you know RUBI you know you can't go wrong. I've used many years the TS. I had a large format job and decided to buy the big guy TX-900-N.
It took me a while to get used to the mobile head system but when snapping large and thick tiles, this is the cutter. Also works extremely well cutting diagonals.
Worth every buck!! no-brainer, go to the next level.

great cutter


Was worried after reading some of the reviews....but after I received my rubi all doubts disappeared ...Nice case .... cuts are smooth and very clean .cut a variety of porcelain, different sizes able to cut 24 in. porcelain in 1/2 inch pieces with ease!! love it !!!! I do own a tomecanic and I believe there very even in comparison.. both top of the line .One thing to consider is the size ...going to need extra room for this monster, hate to see the 4 footer!!Been in the biz 20 years and it looks like large format is just going to get bigger.hope this last me 20 more years.... only reason giving 4 star is longevity ..we'll see...

Rubi TX-900


Good tile cutter. Just need to get the feel for cutting tile with it. Only draw back which would apply to most is that if you plan to cut tile that has a surface that is irregular like "concrete or rough plank look". Then the tile cut will not be straight. You will need a wet saw for that type.

TX-1200-N Recommended cutter for large and hard porcelain

by -

It easily cuts hard materials up to 51”. It's worth the price if you need to cut large porcelain and you don’t want to use a wet saw.

Rubi tx1200n

by -

Bought this cutter for the sole purpose of snapping 48 inch porcelain plank tile. Already own the tx900n, ts60,speed 62 and another smaller Rubi cutter to break just about any tile. Now I have a cutter for every day of the work week or tile type :-)

Diferent tools for diferent jobs


Im installing large format tile on shower walls and floors. I have to say that the tx 900 n is a profesional tile cutter and has brute force to break hard porcelain, its like a slash hammer. however the cuts are not straight. I get 1/8" curve in 36" and thats not good for some applications. On floors at the edges where baseboard is gonna cover the cutted edges its fine... But on walls where the cutted edge is gonna show... Its not gonna work. You need presition and you get that with a bridge wet saw... So its not that the tx 900 cutter is bad... But there is a bit of over publicity about what a cutter can do even if it snaps the tile.. Thats is just what it supossed to do anyways. What matters is presition.. So getting brute force with hight accuracy thats what we all want. O well I'll keep on using mine and I can only say that there is not a do it all cutter or wet saw..