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Do you have replacement rubber for the plunger?

Click here for the Rubi screw, piston, and nozzles kit. The rubber is included with the kit.

Will this product work for a non shrink grout our do you have another applicator for this?

The Rubi Joint Applicator will work with non shrink grout.

Will the Rubi Joint Applicator work with Epoxy grout?

Yes, the Rubi Joint Applicator will work with epoxy grout. Make sure to clean it properly immediately after use. Failure to clean properly will make the Rubi Joint Applicator unusable.

The Rubi Joint Applicator kit contains a soft yellow seal installed on the plunger and a loose white hard plastic one in the packaging. Please explain the uses of each. Thanks.

The soft yellow seal is for use with grout. The white piece is for a joint sealant sausage like the one pictured below.

You must remove the yellow seal and attach the white piece.

Will a tube of caulk fit inside the tube?

Yes, you can use standard caulk tube with this product.

What is the length of the tip that comes with the applicator? Are various length tips available?

The tip that is included is about 5 inches long and can be cut down to different lengths. When you cut the tip, it does make for a larger opening.

Can this be adjusted all the way down to fill 1/16" grout lines?

Yes these can be used to fill a grout line of 1/16" as you can cut the nozzles to the desired sizing.

Can u load it with your own premixed grout

Yes, you can use this product with a variety of grouts & mortars.

Do you fill the gun from the tip end or fill at plunger end. Do you pull grout up ( suction) by pulling back the plunger?

You load this joint filler gun from the back like a standard caulk gun.

I need the hard white plastic piece for this gun. How do I order that part?

Click here for the Rubi replacement nozzles The nozzle is included with the kit.

Can I put custom field mixed grout in the Rubi applicator or does the grout need to be in a tube? How is field mixed grout most easily placed in the Rubi Applicator?

Yes, you can place custom field grout in the grout applicator. While it does have a rubber gasket that gets most of the grout/silicone out of the tube, there may need to be some cleanup so that the residue doesn't dry in there.