Montolit Mondrillo Dry-Cutting Diamond Core Bits

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$53.84 to $382.02

Product Details

Product Details

Montolit Mondrillo Dry-Cutting Diamond Core Bits


  • Bit sizes 1/4" - 5/8" come with a M14 Male - 5/8"-11 Threaded Female Adapter
  • 5/8"-11 threaded arbor to be used on most angle grinders
  • For drilling all types of ceramics, gres porcealin, terracotta tiles, granite and marble
  • Use these drill bits when creating conduits for electrical wires, bathroom fittings and plumbing installations
  • Threaded adapter available for use in chuck drill
Questions & Answers
3 questions

Can you use these wet also or are they specifically for dry cutting?

These bits are designed to cut dry but can also be used wet.

Can these be used to drill a hole through cement as well?

These bits are to not be used on cement application these bits are for ceramics, porcelain, terracotta, granite and marble.

How many holes can you expect out of these bits in porcelain and ceramic?

It is impossible to give a general answer due to factors such as tile thickness and hardness, rotation speed, pressure on the tile, using the correct cutting technique, etc.

However, assuming that the diamond core-bits are used correctly, a 35 mm diameter FS Mondrillo drill bit, on a tile porcelain stoneware with a thickness of 7 mm can make several tens of holes, up to 50 holes and even more.

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