6363 Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 Push Tile Cutter

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Product Details

Product Details

Montolit Masterpiuma P3 Tile Cutter

The Italian-made Masterpiuma P3 tile cutter features a new high-leverage handle, an improved breaking system, and a unique lubricating cutting wheel for fast & smooth scoring.


  • 155P3 (61") models must ship via LTL freight
  • Cuts porcelain, ceramic, glass (*mosaic tile w/ accessory)
  • Cuts material 1/4" - 1" thick
  • Adjustable breaking system
  • Long lasting titanium wheel with oil lubrication
  • Multiple lengths available
  • Push stroke a precise score line on the tile with an ergonomic handle
  • Mosaic cutting capable with Mosakit accessory sold separately


  • New measurement guide adjustment knob which is more ergonomic and less complex to screw and unscrew
  • Breaker feet are made of special non-scratch plastic
  • Titanium wheel included (special for porcelain tile)
  • Sprung tables for safe tile splitting and extendable support rod for large-format tiles
  • Patented die-cast aluminum plus nickel-plated steel boxed structure frame guarantees strength
  • Tile splitting is done by the same cutting handle after a quick tool adjustment
  • Adjustable square is completely recessed into machine perimeter, is equipped with a double 0° and 45° scale and with a specially-designed reference notch which allows for precise, rapid measurement of cuts in either a clockwise (0° to 75°) or counter-clockwise (0° to -45°) direction
  • Support feet are made of non-slip scratch-proof rubber
  • Compact and light weight Adjustment for thicker tile up to 1" thick
  • Spring loaded table and foam extension pads provide impact absorption to reduce broken tile
  • Mount to allow handy hanging
  • The cutting wheel is mounted with a pin that can be easily tapped out for quick and effortless wheel replacement (one size fits all)

Montolit Porcelain Cutter Specifications
Length of Cut17 in20 in24-1/2 in29 in36 in49 in61 in
Diagonally Cuts12 in14 in17 in21 in26 in34.5 in43 in
Weight18 lbs19 lbs21 lbs26 lbs29 lbs53 lbs72 lbs

Questions & Answers

15 questions

Can the 24 inch cutter cut tile that is 24 inches in length?

The 63P3 is 63cm metric which measures to 24.80"

Does the monolit cutter have inches on the scale or does it only come in metric

The Montolit Evolution tile cutters that we offer are in sold with "standard" measurements in inches.

Does the cutter come with a carrying case?

The Montolit tile cutter does not come with a case. There is a cover that can be purchased separately Click Here to view

Is this Montolit tile cutter able to cut glass?

This tile cutter is capable of cutting glass tile, though it would likely have a rougher edges than if that same tile were to be cut on a wet tile saw.

So from 0-3" it has the blue sticker inlay for standard measurements?


That is correct!

Thanks for contacting Contractors Direct.

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4/3/2021 11:26 am

Love it!!!

by Luis

If you are look for a professional tile cutter this is the one! Montolit Masterpiuma 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

4/13/2021 11:22 pm

Decent cutter. Terrible shipping.

by Remdoel7

Its good. Not great, but good. Cuts fairly clean, as long as its not to thin of a strip on the harder tiles like porcelain.
I like it, but not sure if it's 600.00 kind of like.
Order did arrive fast, so there's that

6/18/2021 2:20 pm

36 inch Tile Cutter

by Kit

Very well built product and easy to use. I feel this will be my first and only tile cutter I will own because of how well it is made. Only thing I wish it came with a case to protect it.

7/16/2021 11:09 am

A super tile cutter with professional results and speed!

by Andy J

The Montolit is a well-built tile cutter that makes excellent cuts. I purchased the 49" model for doing bathroom subway tile and 48" porcelain plank tile. It works great for small and big tile. The roller wheel for moving it around is a helpful feature as well. Other workers I'm around complement me on choosing a fine tool that makes their work easier and more accurate! Highly satisfied! The only small complaint is one of the stickers wasn't fully adhered to the unit upon delivery but I was able to easily adhere it.

7/17/2021 11:13 pm

Bring on the big tiles!

by Charles

This Montolit evolution 3 cutter is making me wonder, what will it not cut? Right out of the box it cut everything I put to it straight and true.

8/11/2021 4:44 pm

Gods Tile Cutter

by nathaniel mcclung

Sweet mother of!!! Dudes - this is amazing. Like, where’s the infinity stone? It must be in the handle. I-bet-it-fell-from-Asgard kinda good. Hephaestus is gonna come looking for this cause it’s missing from his workshop. Aliens left it behind after they finished the pyramids - yeah that’s it…
But seriously - this is worth every teeny penny. It cuts hard porcelain clean as a whistle - 24” rips 1” wide, all day long. No joke. It paid for itself in one job by keeping my helper off the wet saw. Saved us hours over the week. Lots of hours. I know it’s a ton of money, and lots of stuff will crack a tile (more or less) but if you wanna really step it up and get a legit, 1000% pro tool, these are for you. I mean, when was the last time you were excited to cut a tile? Like, grinning and eager to cut another one? Gentlemen, this is that cutter. It’s the HVLP spray rig of tile cutters. It’s the fully cordless tool set. It’s the new van with ALL the features. Have I sold you yet?? BUY IT!!! 😂