Montolit Diamond Milling Bits

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Product Details

Product Details

Montolit FPU Diamond Tile Milling Bit

Use these unique diamond milling bits to enlarge and reshape previously cut holes in tile and stone. FPU bits can also be used to notch edges of tile to accommodate for pipes or wiring. Save money by expanding the usefulness of the hole saws you already own; no need to buy a hole saw for each new size you come across.


  • Shape, round or bevel existing holes
  • Great for plumbers who need to enlarge a hole in tile or stone for piping and other conduits
  • If a hole saw can't create the perfect passage through porcelain or granite, you can clean the hole with these milling bits
  • Fits on standard grinders - 5/8 inch arbor
  • Use wet or dry
  • 6 mm - 1/4"
  • 10 mm - 3/8"
  • 20 mm - 3/4"

Questions & Answers
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Is this a dry bit only? Can it be sharpened with a dressing stone?

This bit can be used either wet or dry. This bit can be sharpened with a dressing stone, however, use caution when dressing the milling bit. This is not designed to go straight into material like a hole saw. Be sure only to dress the edge of the bit where diamond is concentrated for enlarging and shaping holes, rather than creating them.

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4/4/2021 1:31 pm

A must for adjusting and altering holes in tile.

by Vincenzo -

These are fantastic.... When you need to notch the edge of a tile or simply enlarge a hole they are a must. I’ve been guilty of running a hole saw at an angle to try and enlarge or alter hole, no more...

10/12/2021 7:41 pm

Get your self one of these!

by Donnie D.

Once you use a milling bit you realize how did you ever ever work without one! Get your self one of these! It will be a tool I always have in the arsenal!

11/9/2022 7:07 pm


by Jersey tile

Perfect tool