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7443 MLT Lippage Tuning System

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Product Details

Product Details

MLT Leveling System T2 Ready Straps

MLT Systems introduces the single piece strap. With the single piece strap, there is no more pre-assembly necessary. The single piece strap is designed with the commercial contractor in mind no more extra labor costs associated with base plate assembly and sorting the cleanup.


  • Minimum grout joint size 2mm
  • Designed and engineered to be disengaged under tension to allow cleaning of grout joints and seams, or to re-position the tiles/slabs just with a slight side pressure
  • Rubber Feet and Steel Tongue Inserts for Caps avoid scratching and extend Cap life
  • The slot on the top of the cap will accept a Stainless Steel tongue insert in cases where the ratcheting teeth may become worn. This will greatly prolong the working life of each cap

MLT System Installation

  • No more Pre-assembly required
  • Spacing of each re-usable connecting tab should not exceed 20” to 24” apart, during installation
  • Do not place them under a four-corner junction as lippage may result and also greatly increase the difficulty to produce a straight grout joint line
  • Once the pre-assembled re-usable connecting tab and base plate is in place, proceed using standard installation procedures
  • Upon completing the "set" of the tile or stone, lower the tension locking cap over the single use strap connecting tab to tile or stone surface then, slide cap in the direction of the grout joint to engage the lock
  • Place installation/removal tool atop the tension locking cap to engage the reusable connecting tab and tension MLT System, to create a lippage free surface
  • If additional cleaning of grout joint line is required after MLT System has been tensioned: remove cap, clean joint line, re-engage cap and re-tension
  • To remove set tension setting dial on “S” for “Snap”. Place installation/removal tool atop re-usable cap and engage the reusable connecting tab
  • When using MLT System for installations of thin tile, unglazed, or highly polished materials, it is strongly recommended to use the fitted Rubber Pad accessory under the re-usable tension locking cap

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4/25/2017 4:19 pm

Best Lippage System Out There!

by Igor T. -

I have used Mlt system for a year now, and I have never received the consistent results as I do with MLT. These new straps do not need to be assembled prior to use and no cleaning afterward. I used the tool on setting #2 but now I feel like using the tool on #4 I think there is more holding strength. If you have used MLT in the past I would recommend the single piece straps to anyone. Sign up with Contractor Pricing to save on these straps!

4/25/2017 4:21 pm

These straps are awesome!!!

by Alan Giambi -

These new single piece straps absolutely rock. I can really crank them tight without worrying about breaking off like the normal 2 piece system does. Contractors Direct rocks always offering the most innovative tools at the best prices!!!

9/7/2017 9:13 pm

Good stuff!

by Bill

I went pretty much from 0 to thousands of straps per month, almost overnight. Anyone can install flat tile flush to the adjacent tiles pretty easily. We've been doing it for decades. However, in recent years, we have a new trend in the industry, which is going to large format and elongated tiles, which for the most part, aren't even close to flat. Especially when installing in a broken joint pattern, it's next to impossible to install some tiles completely flush to each other without corners diving and centers humping up, and especially as with rectified plank tiles, where everyone wants them set with a tight joint to look like hardwood, they're extremely unforgiving, and if it's not dead flat, it's not good enough. That's when these straps are invaluable. After 37 years in the trade, not sure I'd have the patience to keep installing without them.

2/5/2018 8:46 pm

Great system but ...

by Bathroom Remodeler

These straps will snap off if you use any setting over "1". This is after storing the straps indoors for days after receiving them. Every 10-20 snapped off just above the face of the tile and I would have to take a razor knife and slice it out just far enough down so it wouldn't stick out above the grout. I didn't see the tip about warm water until now, I will try that next time and hope for the best with the last couple hundred I have. If that doesn't work I will be going back to the 2 piece straps

4/23/2018 3:20 pm

first time user

by jv -

first time I used this system. putting down 3/8 inch slate 1 ft by 2 foot. ungauged.
<br>setting number four on the gun and I snapped off 2 in the first 500.
<br>they worked perfectly.
<br>floor looks great.
<br>Thank you.

7/5/2021 12:05 pm


by LT

Best system on the market!