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  • 9015 Marshalltown FASTcap Leveling System - Straight Base 250 Piece Bags

9015 Marshalltown FASTcap Leveling System - Straight Base 250 Piece Bags

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Product Details

Product Details

Marshalltown FASTcap Leveling System - Straight Base 250 Piece Bags

The flooring market is flooded with tile leveling systems but FASTcap has several advantages over the competition, offering the installer the best overall product for correct tile installation.


  • Available in 1/16" (white), 1/8" (black) and 3/32" (grey) bases
  • Straight base style option used for all wall edges and can be used for both staggered and square layouts
  • Ratchet Caps fasten to Spacer Base to press-down and level adjacent tiles
  • No tools required - simply push the Ratchet Caps down until they make contact with the tile then turn until adjacent tiles are level
  • Spacer Bases fit below tiles and fasten to Ratchet Caps
  • Users do not have to spend time spinning caps on and off bases, nor do they need special tools to press them down over the bases, which saves time during installation
  • Internal helix aligns cap on base
  • Put on the Ratchet Caps every three rows of tile installed
  • Built in spacers
  • When installing large format tiles, use straight bases 1 foot from each intersection
  • Ratchet Caps sold separately

Technical Data

  • Use on most tile and stone up to 5/8" thick
  • Minimum joint size: 1/16" (1.5mm)
  • 250 bases per bag

How to use

  • STEP 1: Place Spacer Bases under tile once thinset has been applied
  • STEP 2: Apply Cap. The cap will auto-align with the top of the base. Once the base is lined up with the ratchets of the cap, simply push the cap down to the tile
  • STEP 3: Once Cap makes contact with the tile, turn the cap until the adjacent tiles are level, no need to over-tighten
  • STEP 4: After thinset has cured break off Caps and Bases. It’s important to break the ratchet caps loose by kicking them in the direction of the top of the spacer base (in line with grout joint)
  • STEP 5: Remove Bases from Caps. Grab the top of the spacer base and the cap. No need to spin the cap off of the base, simply pull the base through the TOP of the cap. The internal helix will automatically align the base to pull through the cap. Note: Pulling gently and letting the cap and base turn as you pull will allow for automatic alignment

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