LevTec 1/16" Leveling Clips 2000 Piece Box

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Product Details

Product Details

LevTec Tile Leveling System Clips 1/16" 2000 Piece Box

LevTec Tile Leveling Systems are designed to efficiently create flawless, lippage free tiling projects every time. The new and improved interlocking design levels the tiles while setting and unlike other wedge based systems the LevTec breakpoint is below the tile leaving no spacing material behind and allowing total expansion after removal.


  • LevTec 1/16" Clips are available in a 2000 Piece Bulk Box
  • For use on tile up to 12mm thickness
  • Easily create a flawless finish
  • Locks in tiles preventing slump while drying
  • Eliminates lippage
  • Easy to remove
  • Speeds up the installation process
  • To be used with LevTec Wedge

How to Install Tile with the LevTec Leveling System

  • Step 1: Spread your tile adhesive and lay the tile. Place LevTec clips underneath the tile slightly back from the edge. Keep the LevTec clip firm against the tile as the clip acts as a 1/16th spacer
  • Step 2: Set the adjacent tile firmly into the adhesive. Butt the tile against the LevTec clip giving the 1/16th joint (if a larger joint is required spacers can be used, or set the required joint size). Slide the LevTec wedges through the LevTec clips until they are firmly leveling both tiles
  • Step 3: Using your thumb, push the LevTec wedge with the right amount of pressure required to create the perfect finish. Once the tiles are locked in position this is how they will stay until the adhesive sets. You can still slightly adjust the joint width while the adhesive is setting if needed without disrupting the height of the tiles
  • Step 4: After the adhesive has set, you can remove the LevTec wedges and clips easily with a rubber mallet on the walls and by mallet or your foot on the floor. Hit the LevTec clip on its side lug in the direction of the tile joint and the wedge and clip will dislodge from the tile at the breakpoint below the tile, leaving the joint free for grouting or silicone expansion
Questions & Answers
2 questions

Do Raimondi wedges work with Levtec clips?

Raimondi wedges are not to be used with the LevTec clips.

Can I use the Raimondi Pliers on LevTec?

Yes, the Raimondi pliers can be used with the LevTec clips and wedges for additional leverage.

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5/31/2020 8:33 am

Lev tec 1/16 clips

by Pete

This are my favorite leveling clips used to use rls but found the base to be too thick and have more breakage
Can t beat lev tec

12/1/2021 11:37 am

Great Clips!

by Alex

Great clips! Doesn't break that easy as Raimondi when you step on them. More flexible. Same time easy to remove after install.

11/30/2022 9:58 pm

Great clips!

by Alex

The best clips I used. Strong and flexible.

2/8/2023 1:55 pm

The best service

by Peter Calise

Great prices , extremely fast shipping

2/21/2023 8:43 am

Quality product

by Craig W.

Clips are on or above par with other leveling clips that are out there.

7/29/2023 8:48 pm

Use em to make flat tile work.

by Grizzly

Great Clips. They break less often the other brands.