35601 Kristal Giga-Cut 750 mm Tile Cutter With Laser

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Manufacturer: Kristal
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Kristal Giga-Cut 29" Tile Cutter With Laser

The fastest way to cut ceramic tile is by using a hand tile cutter.


  • 750 mm (~29") rip cut, 530 mm (~20") diagonal cuts, weighs 39 lbs
  • Laser system shows the line to be cut
  • Cuts porcelain, floor tile, mosaics and other material
  • The ball bearings in the cutting head allow the head to move smoothly and precisely on the steel guide bar
  • Double breaking system allows users to snap in the middle or end of the tile
  • Single steel guide bar of 15mm thickness will not flex when breaking porcelain tile in the center of the material
  • Spring loaded steel plates for better shock absorption and allow user a clean break
  • Specially designed ruler can swivel and lock for repetitive cuts at any angle
  • L cuts and electrical outlets cut-outs can only be achieved with a wet saw
  • All components are electro-statically powder painted
  • Ball bearing Tungsten Carbide cutting wheel is in 22 mm diameter

Questions & Answers (7)

9/8/2018 5:28:44 pm

can it do 24x24 diagonal. I know it says 20 but don't need the huge 950

This cutter will not be able to cut 24" on a diagonal. Cutters at this size tend to only have a diagonal of about 20". You would need to size up to get a cutter with the ability to diagonal cut at the size you are looking for.

12/6/2018 9:24:22 am

The picture on Kristal web shows that the bar can move up and down at both ends. To accommodate different tile thickness. and has 4 spring plates. Is yours an older version?

These are the same up to date cutters that Kristal shows on their website. This model has a fixed bar. The model that they are showing on their site is the larger 35602 36" model that will have the 4 tables. At this size 29", it will only have the 2 tables that is shown in the photo.

12/29/2018 6:50:34 am

Do u have Kristal giga cut with power cut 1300 and is how much

We do not offer this online. If you contact us at 800-709-0002 we can look into getting this ordered for you.

2/6/2019 1:03:44 pm

It also says 29 in which is 746mm I would like to know if this cutter will cut a 750mm tile as this is what I have to cut

This cutter will be able to cut tiles 750mm which is a little over 29 1/2".

7/4/2019 10:20:56 am

The product description states this will cut mosaics. Is a rubber pad necessary and available like the one Montolit sells?

Although capable of cutting mosaics, it is not the best tile cutter to do so. Furthermore, it is recommended to use the Mosakit Pad when cutting mosaics, or glass.

Does the Kristal Giga-Cut 750 mm Tile Cutter With Laser come with a case?

No, the Kristal Giga-Cut 750 mm Tile Cutter with Laser does not come with a case.

Does the Kristal Giga-Cut 750 mm Tile Cutter With Laser come with a replacement scoring wheel?

No, the Kristal Giga-Cut 750 mm Tile Cutter With Laser does not include a replacement scoring wheel. Click here for Kristal Giga-Cut 22mm Scoring Wheels!

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