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3092 Ardex FLEXBONE Heat 240V Cable

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$117.80 to $892.12
$117.80 to $892.12

Product Details

Product Details

Ardex FLEXBONE Heat 240V Cable

FLEXBONE Heat cables are engineered with aluminum tubing and FEP cable insulation which provides maximum heat spreading on stone or tile floor while minimizing the amount of wattage used. The cables work with the FLEXBONE In-Floor Heating Membrane to provide radiant heat in wet or dry areas with tile or stone flooring. The FLEXBONE floor heating cable system is the only system that can work with wood, laminate vinyl tile or carpet flooring when using K 60 ARDITEX Rapid Setting Latex Smoothing and Leveling Compound. ​​​​​​​​​​


  • Cold/Hot junction self-contained within the cable; no bulky connection box to cut and bury
  • Heating cable must be spaced so that at least two crossbone patterns are between the cables (approx. 3.88” / 9.8 cm) - see image 3
  • Can also be installed in a "comfort" setup with at least 3 crossbone patterns between cables
  • Heating cables may not cross, overlap or touch each other
  • Provided with 2 floor sensors - one with heat cable, one with thermostat
  • 11% less wattage required per sq. ft.
  • Less cable required per sq. ft.
  • Heat resistant up to 401°F (205°C)
  • Aluminum tubing guarantees ZERO electromagnetic fields
  • All cables are the same diameter allowing a secure fit in the membrane no matter the length
  • Must use SK-175 Waterproofing Seam Tape on seams between adjacent mats
  • Ideal for large-format tile and stone installations

Minimum Spacing Requirements
ObjectDistance of Cable
From walls, partitions and fixed cabinet2"
From other heat sources
(baseboard heaters, fireplaces,
forced air heating ducts, etc.)
Plumbing Drains4"
Centerline of toilet drain7"

ModelVoltageHeat AreaCable LengthWattsTotal Resistance Ω
UH 910-15240V15 ft² (1.4 m²)39.6 ft (12.1 m)150384
UH 910-22240V21.5 ft² (2 m²)57.9 ft (17.7 m)225256
UH 910-28240V28 ft² (2.6 m²)78 ft (23.8 m)300192
UH 910-36240V35.5 ft² (3.3 m²)98 ft (29.9 m)375153.6
0UH 910-42240V42 ft² (3.9 m²)118 ft (36 m)451128
UH 910-49240V48.5 ft² (4.5 m²)136.4 ft (41.6 m)525109.71
UH 910-55240V55 ft² (5.1 m²)156.4 ft (47.7 m)60096
UH 910-63240V62.5 ft² (5.8 m²)176.4 ft (53.8 m)67585.33
UH 910-68240V68 ft² (6.3 m²)196.4 ft (59.9 m)75076.8
UH 910-81240V81 ft² (7.5 m²)234.8 ft (71.6 m)90064
UH 910-95240V95 ft² (8.8 m²)274.8 ft (83.8 m)1,05054.86
UH 910-108240V107.5 ft² (10 m²)313.2 ft (95.5 m)1,20048
UH 910-122240V121.5 ft² (11.3 m²)353.2 ft (107.7 m)1,35042.67
UH 910-134240V133.5 ft² (12.4 m²)391.6 ft (119.4 m)1,50038.4
UH 910-151240V150.5 ft² (14 m²)439 ft (133.8 m)1,67934.31
UH 910-172240V172 ft² (16 m²)510.8 ft (155.7 m)1,95429.48
UH 910-194240V194 ft² (18 m²)569.2 ft (173.5 m)2,17726.46
UH 910-216240V215.5 ft² (20 m²)635.5 ft (793.7 m)2,43123.69
UH 910-248240V247.5 ft² (23 m²)744.8 ft (227 m)2,84920.22

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