D24000S Dewalt Tile Saw & Stand

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Product Details

Product Details

Dewalt D24000S Tile Saw and Stand

The D24000 tile saw features a smooth conveyor cart system that allows for 24" rip cuts and 18'' diagonal cuts on porcelain tile. This saw cuts accurately, consistently, and angled cuts are easy with the integrated 45/22.5° miter feature. The saw also features a plunge-cutting head to quickly adjust to material height and application. Corner cuts are easily lined up using the edge guide with 2-position 45 degree guide. The heavy-duty 1-1/2 HP, 15A motor cuts though hard materials like tile, marble and granite with ease


  • 24" rip cut capacity. 18" x 18" diagonal cuts
  • Free Shipping from our warehouse
  • Weighs only 69 lbs - allows one person to transport and set up saw
  • Stainless steel rail system resists corrosion
  • Integrated 45/22.5° miter feature for quick angled cuts
  • Plunge feature to make quick plunge cuts for outlets and registers
  • Dual water nozzles can be adjusted for optimal water placement on blade in order to minimize over-spray and mist
  • Rear and side water attachments catch over spray from large tile keeping the water in the pan
  • 1.5 HP direct drive motor
  • 5 gallon water pan allows for quick set-up and break-down

What's Included?

  • Dewalt D24000 10" Tile Saw
  • Dewalt D24001 Wet Tile Saw Stand
  • Dewalt DW4762 10" XP Wet Porcelain Blade
  • Angle/Rip Guide
  • Submersible Pump
  • Water Pan
  • Side Water Tray
  • Back water Tray
  • Cutting Cart Extension
  • Operator's Manual

Dewalt Tile Saw Specifications
Power1-1/2 hp (15 amps)
Length of Cut24 in
Diagonal Length of Cut18 in
Arbor5/8 in
Blade Capacity10 in
Depth of Cut3-1/8 in
Weight69 lbs
Dimensions36 in x 29 in x 20 in
Questions & Answers
16 questions

My "New" Dewalt saw shows some signs of use on the carriage tray but the rest of the saw looks new, did I get a returned saw?

We only sell new Dewalt tile saws we do not offer used or reconditioned Dewalt tools, we have brought up the issue of the carriage tray with Dewalt and these "scuff" marks happen during production of the rubber top.

Help, my blade is touching the tray on my Dewalt Tile Saw.

The adjustment screw on the back of the Dewalt D24000 tile saw will prevent the blade from touching the tray when changing from 45 degree miter cuts to 0 degree cuts.

dewalt blade touches sliding tray

dewalt tile saw adjustment screw

Are these saws reconditioned? Your price is significantly lower than any other retailer, 2 of the 3 other questions here hint at the saw being previously used, and the 'Condition' for your listing on Amazon says "Used - Like New" though the notes state "Never Used*** Still in original packaging***Full Factory Warranty"

No, these saws are not reconditioned. We only sell new Dewalt tile saws in their original packaging so order with confidence!

Hi, I'd like to buy a bullnose profile wheel for D24000. Will 6" wheel fit for this saw or I have to buy the 10" wheel?

Thank you,

You can use a 6" profile wheel on the D24000. You will not get a full 24 inch cut because the wheel may come in contact with the cart. Use a tile or block as a spacer.

What's the difference between the Dewalt wet saw packages?

D24000 is the model number for all of our Dewalt 10" tile saws. The letters indicate additional accessories:

D24000S - Includes stand and factory diamond blade
D24000K - Includes stand, factory diamond blade & two porcelain blades.

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1/16/2015 4:52 pm

DeWalt Saw A Cut Above

by 7DYWKND -

I love this saw! Been using an old rental that we had purchased and the Dewalt is like switching to a Mercedes Benz from a Pinto! Does everything it says it can do. The only drawback is that the slider tray has a groove towards the back edge that makes some cuts tricky to make as I was having problems with some countertop edging tiles falling into the groove. Don't waste your money on anything else - you get what you pay for! Quit thinking about it, put it in your cart and buy it now!

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Couldn't be happier with another product

by Aaron Foreman -

Remarkable wet saw. Still amazed at the price I paid for such a profound product.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Low price, big help!

by John Wall -

I use this saw to cut tile for myself, my friends, and my family. It is easy to use, cuts the sizes I need it to, and was well worth the money. The lowest price dewalt d24000 I could find on the web! After the salesperson helped me with some technical info, i was all set.

1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Great for the price

by Dieter Schaefer -

Purchased this saw specifically for a home project that involved cutting 18x18 inch porcellain tiles - price was a major factor in the decision to purchase this particular. Initial setup and alignment are a breeze- just watch your fingers when folding the stand. While working with the saw, a few shortcomings became obvious - the table could be longer or use a back extension to fully support 18x18 in tiles placed diagoanally . The angle/rip guide is too short and has too much play when used in the 45-degree position; for large tiles, a longer and locking guide would be welcome. The water delivery system has it's quirks - a valve instead of the pinch clamp would be nice to control volume better and the dual system often diverts water to mostly one spout or away from the blade. All in all, well worth the money I spent on it.

1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Great saw, but some reliability issues.

by cabcallaway -

I bought one and loved it so much that I bought another a month later. The second saw had something wrong from the beginning....real loud and shaky. I used it for two weeks and had to take it for repairs....bad bearing but covered under warranty. I have owned many saws including MK, Rigid, Rubi, Imer, Gundlach, Felker and Raimondi and none of those saws have had better accuracy, speed of cut and water management systems all in one. Many of them cost much, much more than the DeWalt. If it happens to throw a bearing more often than normal, then I figure I'm still ahead of the game overall, even after repairs. If I have two saws set up on a large tile job, everyone wants to use the DeWalt and the other saw just sits there and rusts! If it weren't for the reliability issue, it would get 5 stars.

1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Incredibly VersaTILE!

by Marc DeFrancesco -

I researched a long time and read a lot of reviews before making a decision to buy this saw and it was definitely worth the effort. For my first project I needed to cut 1/2" marble tiles; not only was I able to make precise cuts but the cuts were so clean I was able to minimize waste by using extra pieces to make edge trim. I'm a big fan.