D24000S Dewalt Tile Saw & Stand

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Manufacturer: Dewalt
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Dewalt D24000S Tile Saw and Stand

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The D24000 tile saw features a smooth conveyor cart system that allows for 24" rip cuts and 18'' diagonal cuts on porcelain tile. This saw cuts accurately, consistently, and angled cuts are easy with the integrated 45/22.5° miter feature. The saw also features a plunge-cutting head to quickly adjust to material height and application. Corner cuts are easily lined up using the edge guide with 2-position 45 degree guide. The heavy-duty 1-1/2 HP, 15A motor cuts though hard materials like tile, marble and granite with ease


  • 24" rip cut capacity. 18" x 18" diagonal cuts
  • Free Shipping from our warehouse
  • Weighs only 69 lbs - allows one person to transport and set up saw
  • Stainless steel rail system resists corrosion
  • Integrated 45/22.5° miter feature for quick angled cuts
  • Plunge feature to make quick plunge cuts for outlets and registers
  • Dual water nozzles can be adjusted for optimal water placement on blade in order to minimize over-spray and mist
  • Rear and side water attachments catch over spray from large tile keeping the water in the pan
  • 1.5 HP direct drive motor
  • 5 gallon water pan allows for quick set-up and break-down
  • For tips on squaring your carriage tray click here

What's Included?
  • Dewalt D24000 10" Tile Saw
  • Dewalt D24001 Wet Tile Saw Stand
  • Dewalt DW4762 10" XP Wet Porcelain Blade
  • Angle/Rip Guide
  • Submersible Pump
  • Water Pan
  • Side Water Tray
  • Back water Tray
  • Cutting Cart Extension
  • Operator's Manual

Dewalt Tile Saw Specifications
Power1-1/2 hp (15 amps)
Length of Cut24 in
Diagonal Length of Cut18 in
Arbor5/8 in
Blade Capacity10 in
Depth of Cut3-1/8 in
Weight69 lbs
Dimensions36 in x 29 in x 20 in

Questions & Answers (14)

7/15/2015 1:14:09 pm

My "New" Dewalt saw shows some signs of use on the carriage tray but the rest of the saw looks new, did I get a returned saw?

We only sell new Dewalt tile saws we do not offer used or reconditioned Dewalt tools, we have brought up the issue of the carriage tray with Dewalt and these "scuff" marks happen during production of the rubber top.

11/24/2015 3:33:18 pm

Help, my blade is touching the tray on my Dewalt Tile Saw.

The adjustment screw on the back of the Dewalt D24000 tile saw will prevent the blade from touching the tray when changing from 45 degree miter cuts to 0 degree cuts.

1/24/2017 5:39:55 pm

Are these saws reconditioned? Your price is significantly lower than any other retailer, 2 of the 3 other questions here hint at the saw being previously used, and the 'Condition' for your listing on Amazon says "Used - Like New" though the notes state "Never Used*** Still in original packaging***Full Factory Warranty"

No, these saws are not reconditioned. We only sell new Dewalt tile saws in their original packaging so order with confidence!

4/11/2017 7:10:49 pm

Hi, I'd like to buy a bullnose profile wheel for D24000. Will 6" wheel fit for this saw or I have to buy the 10" wheel?

Thank you,

You can use a 6" profile wheel on the D24000. You will not get a full 24 inch cut because the wheel may come in contact with the cart. Use a tile or block as a spacer.

6/11/2017 3:37:15 pm

What's the difference between the Dewalt wet saw packages?

D24000 is the model number for all of our Dewalt 10" tile saws. The letters indicate additional accessories:

D24000S - Includes stand and factory diamond blade
D24000K - Includes stand, factory diamond blade & two porcelain blades.

8/13/2017 8:48:18 pm

I am interested in this machine. However, I would like to use a bullnose profile on a 24" stone. Could you please explain your previous message about using a spacer?

Thank you.

The profile wheel will need to be set so low that it can actually hit the end rail of the cart. To mitigate this issue, you can use a scrap piece of tile or wood to place between the tile and the end rail. This will allow you to cut the full length of tile without damaging the end rail or the profile wheel.

9/27/2017 4:29:14 pm

How loud is this saw? I started years ago with the belt drive MK that was whisper quiet, my current one is extremely loud.

The D24000S, with its direct-drive motor, will be noticeably louder than most belt-driven tile saws.

5/15/2018 9:58:50 am

What are the dimensions of the carriage tray?

The Dewalt D24000 rolling carriage tray is 25.5" wide x 35" long.

10/12/2018 11:47:57 pm

Does the Dewalt D24000 have a laser attachment?

Unfortunately, Dewalt does not offer a laser attachment for this saw.

12/9/2018 2:27:52 pm

Do I need to buy a different blade to cut travertine stone. This description says it comes with a porcelain blade?

If cutting travertine it is best to use a blade that is recommended to use a blade that is for that application we offer a few blades for this application which I will link HERE.

1/31/2019 6:23:53 pm

How wide is the saw when everything is installed on the saw including the side water extension?

This saw, with the water pans installed, is approximately 35 inches wide by 51 inches long (w/ cart in locked position)

2/11/2019 11:25:06 pm

This is brand new and not used?

Yes this is a brand new factory packaged saw.

2/3/2020 9:41:33 am

Do they have lifetime warranty?

See the warranty information for the Dewalt D24000 here.

2/9/2020 10:17:36 pm

How do l register?

Please register with your tool with DeWalt at https://www.dewalt.com/support/product-registration

Ratings & Reviews

42 reviews


Contractor Direct + D24000S = BIG WIN!


This is an amazing saw! From the design, to the features, and manufacturing quality it is one hunk of a tile/stone cutting machine! I am coming from an MK770 - 6" and not a fair comparison. Rest assured this 10" D24000S will handle any job you throw at it and more. Easy set-up and operation and terrific warranty.

Contractors Direct was a joy to work with. Clear and easy web site to navigate, all questions answered, shipping was spot on and the mixing drill was a nice bonus! Will happily use them again in the future. Excellent experience with Contractors Direct and Dewalt D24000S!

de walt saw


overall happy with the saw, however I am not happy with the way the cutting table comes off the track at either end of a long cut. its very easy to be on your mark in the beginning but when it hits the track it takes you off.. Also cutting Eastern white marble which is soft and the motor seems to struggle a bit.. Hope it performs well on a tough porcelain when needed or Glassos when needed.

first purchase


Great saw. no complaints at all, service was great as well. THANKS



Great saw. I did a small alignment between the blade and the cart, using machinist square to get the best result. After that, I can hold both ends tolerance within 1/64" for most of 24 inches rip cut. Squaring the fence to the saw blade also helps to minimize chips from all porcelain and ceramic cut.

Worth every penny!


Best price on the saw and I shopped around! (even beat the company named after that river... lol ) Saw cuts straight and fast. Miter adjustments and plunge cuts, very nice rolling table. Water stays in the tray like it should and very minimal over spray. Very easy to clean. Blade that comes with it is junk and you can toss it, upgrade to the PT78 blade great value. Pump is strong, I use a panty hose to keep debris out of the pump. Great saw and great price!

Best deal on the internet

by -

Great saw and the added drill was a huge plus! Can't beat that deal. Pays to do some internet searching. Shipping was quick too. Thanks, Contractorsdirect

Best, most versatile wet saw on the market


This saw is incredibly powerful and very capable. I have used other saw brands in the past and none have compared to this one. Contractors Direct offered the best price and the shipment of this huge saw was very fast. Thanks DeWalt and Contractors Direct!

GREAT equipment and great place to purchase from worry free.


SHopped all over and found COntractors direct, Was a fantastic deal. SO I purchased. Was actually such a good deal I got worried was one of those scam companies that steal your $$$ and never see anything for it. YAY! They are LEGIT! and so was the great deal of the saw even without throwing in the drill for less than anywhere else! Both the saw and drill get top reviews and I was impressed after unpacking. NIce equipment.

Dewalt Saw a great deal


This saw is great....cut straight right out of the box
For the price plus a free grinder and blade for the saw...just cant be beat

dewalt tile saw


Very good service

Good Stuff Here:


Excellent price. Fast delivery. Saw tracked true after assembly. Mixer is great. Will order more. Thanks.

Glad I did!


Did my research. Too many other saw reviews that stated I should have bought the Dewalt. I took that to heart and I am very pleased with the saw and it's performance. Never found a better price than Contractors Direct plus the free tool to boot. Wish it were built in the US. That would have been icing on the cake.

great value and support by contractor's direct


Easy set up with only a minor adjustment required. So far the saw is all I wanted it to be

Great saw for the money


Great saw for the money. The best out there, it is not but the best for the money, it is. It did come out of the box ready to go. Straight and true cuts right away. The blade it comes with is trash, dont even waste your time trying to make it work. Get a good blade and it cuts good.

Smooth, powerful saw! You get what you pay for.


I purchased this saw to do tile and stone work. So far I've only used it to cut 1" - 1 1/4" natural stone and it cuts amazing! The saw cuts very smooth, has lots of power and doesn't sling water all over like less expensive saws.

Great product, highly recommended!!! A+


Fantastic product I use it daily. I've been a contractor for years!