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D24000S Dewalt Tile Saw & Stand

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My "New" Dewalt saw shows some signs of use on the carriage tray but the rest of the saw looks new, did I get a returned saw?

We only sell new Dewalt tile saws we do not offer used or reconditioned Dewalt tools, we have brought up the issue of the carriage tray with Dewalt and these "scuff" marks happen during production of the rubber top.

Help, my blade is touching the tray on my Dewalt Tile Saw.

The adjustment screw on the back of the Dewalt D24000 tile saw will prevent the blade from touching the tray when changing from 45 degree miter cuts to 0 degree cuts.

Are these saws reconditioned? Your price is significantly lower than any other retailer, 2 of the 3 other questions here hint at the saw being previously used, and the 'Condition' for your listing on Amazon says "Used - Like New" though the notes state "Never Used*** Still in original packaging***Full Factory Warranty"

No, these saws are not reconditioned. We only sell new Dewalt tile saws in their original packaging so order with confidence!

Hi, I'd like to buy a bullnose profile wheel for D24000. Will 6" wheel fit for this saw or I have to buy the 10" wheel?

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You can use a 6" profile wheel on the D24000. You will not get a full 24 inch cut because the wheel may come in contact with the cart. Use a tile or block as a spacer.

What's the difference between the Dewalt wet saw packages?

D24000 is the model number for all of our Dewalt 10" tile saws. The letters indicate additional accessories:

D24000S - Includes stand and factory diamond blade
D24000K - Includes stand, factory diamond blade & two porcelain blades.

I am interested in this machine. However, I would like to use a bullnose profile on a 24" stone. Could you please explain your previous message about using a spacer?

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The profile wheel will need to be set so low that it can actually hit the end rail of the cart. To mitigate this issue, you can use a scrap piece of tile or wood to place between the tile and the end rail. This will allow you to cut the full length of tile without damaging the end rail or the profile wheel.

How loud is this saw? I started years ago with the belt drive MK that was whisper quiet, my current one is extremely loud.

The D24000S, with its direct-drive motor, will be noticeably louder than most belt-driven tile saws.

What are the dimensions of the carriage tray?

The Dewalt D24000 rolling carriage tray is 25.5" wide x 35" long.

Does the Dewalt D24000 have a laser attachment?

Unfortunately, Dewalt does not offer a laser attachment for this saw.

Do I need to buy a different blade to cut travertine stone. This description says it comes with a porcelain blade?

If cutting travertine it is best to use a blade that is recommended to use a blade that is for that application we offer a few blades for this application which I will link HERE.

How wide is the saw when everything is installed on the saw including the side water extension?

This saw, with the water pans installed, is approximately 35 inches wide by 51 inches long (w/ cart in locked position)

This is brand new and not used?

Yes this is a brand new factory packaged saw.

Do they have lifetime warranty?

See the warranty information for the Dewalt D24000 here.

How do l register?

Please register with your tool with DeWalt at

My brand new tile saw after cutting only 4 cuts through granite tile, now cuts away more stone on the right side, only in about the first inch of the cut, but it is definitely not a straight line. Do you know how I can fix this? Is it the saw? The blade?

Please feel free to contact our customer service team at 1-800-709-0002 regarding all warranty and service matters.