6036EXT Dewalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw with RodKat Table Extension

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Product Details

Product Details

Dewalt Wet Tile Saw with Stand and RodKat Rip Table Extension

The D24000 tile saw features a smooth conveyor cart system that cuts accurately, consistently, and does angled cuts easily with the integrated 45/22.5° miter feature. With the addition of the RodKat Wet Tile Saw Rip Table Extension, you can extend the cutting capacity the tile saw to cut popular large format tile at virtually any length.


  • Super lightweight tile saw - allows one person to transport and set up saw
  • Stainless steel rail system resists corrosion
  • Integrated 45/22.5° miter feature for quick angled cuts
  • Plunge feature to make quick plunge cuts for outlets and registers
  • Plunge-cutting head quickly adjusts to material height and application
  • Corner cuts are easily lined up using the edge guide with 2-position 45 degree guide
  • Dual water nozzles can be adjusted for optimal water placement on blade in order to minimize over-spray and mist
  • Rear and side water attachments catch over spray from large tile keeping the water in the pan
  • Powerful 1.5 HP motor will cut hard materials such as porcelain and stone
  • 5 gallon water pan allows for quick set-up and break-down
  • Water pan comes with compartment for holding diamond blades and accessories
  • For tips on squaring your carriage tray click here

What's Included?

  • Dewalt D24000 10" Tile Saw
  • Dewalt D24001 Wet Tile Saw Stand
  • Dewalt DW4762 10" XP Wet Porcelain Blade
  • RodKat Wet Tile Saw Rip Table Extension with Metal Edges
  • Additional Replacement Foam Table for RodKat
  • Angle/Rip Guide
  • Submersible Pump
  • Water Pan
  • Side Water Tray
  • Back water Tray
  • Cutting Cart Extension
  • Operator's Manual

Dewalt D24000 Tile Saw Specifications
Power1-1/2 hp (15 amps)
Length of Cut24 in
Diagonal Length of Cut18 in
Arbor5/8 in
Blade Capacity10 in
Depth of Cut3-1/8 in
Weight69 lbs
Dimensions36 x 29 x 20 in

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Questions & Answers
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What is the RodKat table used for?

The RodKat Rip Table Extension is used to extend the cutting length of tile saws with carriage trays. The RodKat works by allowing you to place the material on the table and feed it through the blade, this action allows for longer cuts as you are no longer relying on the travel of the cart. For longer tile you may need support on the back side when feeding the material through.

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5/15/2018 3:38 pm

Great Product

by J Carvahlo

I needed to cut 36" tile and didn't want to invest in a large bridge saw as I typically am a one man operation and have not had many jobs with longer than 24" tile, this saw with the extension table was the perfect solution(and less expensive). Contractors Direct has always been my go to for the latest and greatest innovations in this industry. Would recommend this table to anyone cutting longer tile.

6/7/2018 10:36 am

worth every penny!

by J. Franklin

It is just a piece of foam attached to a jig, but it is worth every penny! I am a one man operation and moving a large saw is not ideal or even possible on most days. I would recommend this extension table to any tile contractor that doesn't want to spend a ton of money on a large tile saw.

11/16/2018 3:49 pm

Great saw, choose a different bonus

by Local 7

Dewalt is an excellent saw but the rodkat table is lame. Go with a different bonus. The table is just some styrofoam with two metal edges, anyone can rig up something as good or better if you need it. Again, you can’t go wrong with the saw, I’m just disappointed in the bonus I picked

6/8/2021 9:22 am

Pass on the ripcat, buy just the saw

by Brian Doney

The wet saw is terrific but the rip cat is a poorly made over priced piece of garbage

9/23/2021 9:29 am

Awesome service

by Chris

Great pricing fast shipping will buy from again. 100% satisfied