81595 Barwalt Ultra Grouting Starter Kit

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Product Details

Product Details

Barwalt Ultra Grout Cleaning Starter Kit

Just like the Ultra Grouting System Kit,without the Wall Sponge and the abrasive pads


  • Ultra Grouting System will cut your grouting time by 30-50% and you will never squeeze a sponge again
  • Large bucket with 3 rollers
  • Sponges attach with hook and loop fastening system
  • When grouting, just pump the sponge on the grill into the bucket and roll the sponge over the rollers, then start cleaning the grout
  • The slits in the sponge trap more grouting materials than a conventional sponge and the grating in the larger bucket allows it to rinse clean
  • This process will tool the joints. To clean the tile, dip and roll the sponge clean and drag the sponge flat but diagonally this time, across the tile and you are finished! You will be amazed how clean the floor will be and you have eliminated any haze as well

What's Included?

  • Barwalt Ultra Grouting Starter Kit
  • Ultra Comfortable Handle with Hook and Loop Attachment (for Floor Sponge)
  • 1 Floor Sponge (5-1/4" x 13-1/2")

Questions & Answers

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What's the difference between the wall sponge and the floor sponge, aside from the size. And, by wall, does Barwalt mean unsanded? Or simply a vertical surface.

Wall sponges are designed for vertical applications whereas floor sponges are designed for horizontal applications. The floor sponges are thinner and longer (5-1/4" x 13-1/2") than the wall sponges (6" x 11-1/2"). Both sponges feature a slitted design to allow for more grouting material to be grabbed and removed with each pass of the sponge, and either sponge can be used with sanded or unsanded grout.

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1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Works great!

by Agnaldo -

very pleased, nice tool...

6/11/2015 1:27 pm

i will not do big floors with out it!

by jason -

I own a company that only installs tile.

This thing is amazing. I can easily do a 400 sq ft floor and be home by lunch. This is at least 3 times faster than a hand sponge and there is no final wipe! Imagine getting it so clean the first pass that you don't even need to do a haze wipe. The water also last much longer with this. On a 400sf floor I might change it out once.
The sponge is much longer than a hand sponge so you a doing greater areas per swipe. Due to the black plastic pad that the sponge is velcro'd to you will always press evenly and never gouge the tile. One sponge will last me for several floors. I only break this machine out for anything bigger than a small bath room. I might use 5 sponges a year.

I will not go back to the old way. I try to tell people about how great this is but no one wants to learn how to do anything new. If you have been curious about this machine BUY IT NOW!!!
Thank me later.

If this breaks I will replace it.

2/4/2016 11:24 am

Works well

by Michael K

The sponge is the main reason this works so well because it has cuts about a 1/4" deep in it on a grid pattern about every inch. The cuts let grout into them so grout is not left on the tile and thus preforms better than any grout sponge I have used. The sponge is also bigger so it covers a larger area. I thought about buying just the sponge and handle but the ringer wheels make it easier to get all the water out of the sponge and is worth having. The sponge is also firmer than other sponges and smooths out the grout perfectly without sinking in too far and pulling out grout. It is very easy and very fast to get perfectly smooth grout lines at any depth that you want with this sponge.If you do any amount of tile professionally you would be a fool not to own this. There are other brands based on the same concept that cost much more.

3/9/2017 10:01 pm

Worth the investment

by Preferred Carpentry -

I have used different systems and this one is my favorite. The roller wringers are perfectly designed to remove as much excess grout out of the sponge.