Electra Safe-Hete Water Heater

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Product Details

Product Details

Tile Saw Bucket Water Heater

Immersion water heaters for wet tile saws, buckets, pails, sinks and small tanks keep your hands warm when the weather gets cold!


  • Quality heater made in the USA
  • GFCI adapter recommended
  • Heats 1 gallon of water to 90°F in 10 minutes
  • 5" heater is small and compact and fits in the water pans of most wet tile saws
  • 10-1/2" heater works best in buckets, pails, and other larger containers
  • If not submerged in water, these heaters automatically shut-off
  • Insulated handle for safe handling
  • Just insert water heater and remove when desired temperature is reached
  • Heaters have an internal protector that disconnects power in 2 to 3 minutes if the heater is operated outside of water
  • Cord length: 5-1/2 ft
  • Base height: 1-1/4"
  • Minimum liquid level: 1-1/2"
  • Element material is Incoloy, the outer housing is aluminum

Please note that these tile saw water heaters are not intended to heat more than 5 gallons of water

Questions & Answers
7 questions

What is the diameter of the heating ring on these bucket water heaters?

The circular heating plate is 5'' in diameter.

What is the height of the heating ring?

The height of the heating ring is 1''.

Can you regulate the temperature?

No, this tile saw water heater does not have a temperature control function.

Can you put it in the tile saw tray with out any damages accur?

The 5" water heater and will fit in most tile saw water trays with no damage occurring.

How hot will the water get?

This heater takes tap temperature water up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in about 10 minutes. Once the water is at the desired temperature you may want to turn off the heater to ensure that the water does not get to hot. This unit can bring water to a boil or very close to it if left unattended for an extended period of time.

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Ratings & Reviews

16 reviews

3/1/2020 11:41 am

Number One Water Heater

by Jammo

If you want guaranteed warm water in your wet saw, this is THE one. A five gallon pail of cold water will be a rolling boil in about 20 minutes. This Heater is fantastic.On below freezing. days with the heater element in the tile saws water tray, the water in the tile tray, ,slide table and Motor will not freeze. I have an extra one for backup.

2/22/2022 8:00 pm

eye opener after 20+ of cutting tile

by alex k -

After a year of working with this My hands have never been warmer in the winter cutting tile when submerged in the saw just remover as you cut. you can clean the drill easier when it's in hot water instead of cold. Stop using cold water to clean of the tiles as you go when the plumbers trun of the water. So much more then just a bucket heater A+ in my book.

12/9/2022 6:12 pm

Hot water

by George Coelho

It works great but don't leave it it on to long or your pump will melt. I left my pump and heater in a 5 gallon bucket while cutting tile and forgot to unplug the heater. So I end up buying a new pump lol

3/10/2023 9:09 pm

Great heater

by Jon

The product works great heating my small pond.