4284 Warmly Yours Environ 120 V Flex Rolls


WarmlyYours Environ 120 V Flex Rolls

WarmlyYours Environ Flex Rolls add radiant floor heat to carpet, laminate, and floating wood floors. Environ heat mats are energy efficient and evenly generate and disperse heat without disturbing or circulating dust. WarmlyYours floor heating mats are flexible and can easily be cut and turned at 180° to ensure complete floor heating coverage of the entire room. Make any room in your home more comfortable with this easy to install electric floor heating system.

Non-Adhesive Foil Mat Technology

  • Advanced floor heating technology
  • No adhesive required
  • Complete coverage with easy "Cut-and-Turn" installation
  • Floor heat mats are 1/16" thick
  • Energy efficient - only 12 watts per sq. ft.

Other Features:

  • 25-Year No Nonsense™ Warranty - covers ALL parts and laborÂÂ
  • Twin Conductor (3" Serpentine loops)
  • Warmly Yours Circuit Check required to ensure trouble-free installation of your radiant floor heating system.

Warmly Yours Signature Services

  • Industry Leading 24/7 Installation Support
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Unbeatable No Nonsense™ Warranty
Item #WidthLengthSq. Ft.WattageAmperage
ERT120-1.5x061 ft. 6 in.6 ft9.0 sq ft1080.90
ERT120-1.5x081 ft. 6 in.8 ft12.0 sq ft1441.20
ERT120-1.5x101 ft. 6 in.10 ft15.0 sq ft1801.50
ERT120-1.5x121 ft. 6 in.12 ft18.0 sq ft2151.80
ERT120-1.5x141 ft. 6 in.14 ft21.0 sq ft2522.10
ERT120-1.5x161 ft. 6 in.16 ft24.0 sq ft2882.40
ERT120-1.5x181 ft. 6 in.18 ft27.0 sq ft3242.70
ERT120-1.5x201 ft. 6 in.20 ft30.0 sq ft3603.00
ERT120-1.5x251 ft. 6 in.25 ft37.5 sq ft4503.75
ERT120-1.5x301 ft. 6 in.30 ft45.0 sq ft5404.50
ERT120-1.5x351 ft. 6 in.35 ft52.5 sq ft6305.25
ERT120-1.5x401 ft. 6 in.40 ft60.0 sq ft7206.00
ERT120-1.5x451 ft. 6 in.45 ft67.5 sq ft8106.75

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