8501 Tavy Thin-Skin #007 Glue

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Product Details

Product Details

Tavy Thin-Skin #007 Glue

The Thin-Skin System is so simple that it can be installed by both professionals and DIYers. The TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment is simply trimmed to size and glued to the existing area, using TAVY #007 Glue, to create a surface suitable for setting tile. It’s as simple as elementary school arts and crafts.


  • The TAVY Thin-Skin Two Part Underlayment System was developed to provide an underlayment for tile that could be installed over any surface without adding additional height to the sub-floor
  • TAVY Thin-Skin #007 Glue is also technically engineered to meet Armen Tavy’s specifications
  • TAVY #007 Glue is a high-end multi-purpose adhesive high in solids, which will adhere to any surface
  • Scarifying the existing surface before use is not necessary
  • The only surface preparation required is to have a clean surface that is free from oil, water, wax and dust


  • Tested by Tile Council of America
  • Increase tiling applications by eliminating tear outs of the existing surface
  • Allows for tile or stone to be set on any sound surface
  • Lightweight and easier to transport (less than 15 lbs. per 100 square feet)
  • NO dusty mess to clean up
  • NO additional height added to any surface as opposed to current underlayments
  • NO waste, all TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment pieces are usable regardless of size and shape
  • 25% - 50% lower cost than other underlayments
  • One roll of TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment and one gallon of TAVY Thin-Skin #007 Glue will cover 100 square feet
  • Thin-Skin Underlayment is ideal for making templates for difficult cuts
  • No need to buy or install nails/screws
  • Minimize overall load weight
  • Crack suppression up to 1/8" over concrete
  • Can Not Be Used For Waterproofing

Questions & Answers

5 questions

If I have 200 sq feet to tile how many containers of the #007 glue do I need?

One gallon of TAVY Thin-Skin #007 Glue along with TAVY Thin-Skin Roll will cover 100 square feet.

You would need 2 gallons and 2 rolls of TAVY Thin-Skin.

I removed linoleum from concrete bathroom floor. There is a thin layer of linoleum glue left on the concrete floor. It is very thin (like a paint) and difficult to remove. Can the first "primer" coat of Tavy Thin-skin Glue be applied directly over the linoleum glue remaining or do I need to remove or rough up the glue residue prior to putting the first coat of Tavy Thin-skin on it?

No, scarifying the existing surface before use is not necessary. The only surface preparation required is to have a clean surface that is free from oil, water, wax or dust.

Can floor leveler be used over thin skin?

Yes, as the The TAVY Thin-Skin Two Part Underlayment System was developed to provide an underlayment for tile that could be installed over any surface

I am highly allergic to epoxy glue, is this an epoxy product?

This is water based but does contain some epoxy per the manufacturer. We would recommend staying away from this product if you are highly allergic to epoxy glues.

Some of the tavy glue got on the thin skin when I was applying to the floor. I cleaned off the glue, but it’s a little sticky.. will this mess up my skin coat of mortar and not allow it to adhere to the thin skin?

No, this will not mess it up as your thinset will still adhere to the surface.

Ratings & Reviews

14 reviews

8/1/2015 4:08 pm


by Mike

Seems to work as advertised. Used on a back-spalsh and had no space for cement backer board. Sticky glue.

10/9/2015 12:54 pm

Sticky Stuff

by Tim -

First time using this stuff and the only thing I can say is it's a sticky nightmare to use without a helper. Pre cut all my paper beforehand but still the paper rolls up on you as you are trying to work with it. The glue is so sticky that it can get you frustrated fast, get some on your fingers and you will become an instant magnet for any and everything. Cleaning it off anything is about impossible. The only thing I could find that would cut through it was lacquer thinner. As for the 100 ft. of coverage, I seriously don't see it, maybe the paper but not the glue. Although I only used 60 ft. I would have only gotten about 75 - 80 ft. out of the glue. Maybe in a perfect lab situation using barely enough glue to barely stick the pepper, but not for the average user. I think TAVY could have more simply made an adhesive backed peel and stick paper instead of this 2 part product.

5/29/2016 12:12 pm

Good product

by dejavuduck

Messy to work with, so have all your prep-work done in advance. Coverage is not as advertised if you lack experience working with this adhesive. I realized about 2/3 the advertised coverage. Pre-cutting fiber sheets helps with the process. I did the thin set prep of the fiber surface within 12 hours of laying the glue and that seemed adequate, although no curing time instructions are included in the instructions or online videos. I feel good about the tile foundation (tavy over subfloor and plywood) and final bathroom floor (ceramic tile) durability.

8/11/2016 11:24 am

Seems to work!

by Tony

Very messy, but I now have confidence tiling over plywood substrate. Glue remains tacky and flexible. wear long sleeves and pants that you would not mind discarding.

I needed an extra pail of glue to finish ~100 sq Ft but maybe i did not trowel efficiently..

9/21/2016 4:33 pm

Pretty happy!!!

by Johnybolt

The other reviewers were right - the glue is very messy to trowel on a wall. I think it would be better to roll it on, it's very runny. Seems to have bonded very well, time will tell. Skim coating and setting tile over the membrane was a pleasure. As long a there are no future issues with this job I will be using it again.

5/23/2017 3:24 pm

sticky stuff

by martyp

I did not do the actual gluing but my installer said it seemed to work well once you got the hang of it. Just about impossible to clean off any surrounding surfaces that may have had an accidental touch with the glue.