7546 Troxell Supersoft Large Knee Pads (pair)

SKU: 7546
Manufacturer: Troxell USA
$35.97 to $42.99
$35.97 to $42.99

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Questions & Answers (2)

Are the blue Troxel knee pads large?

Yes, the size of both the standard and leatherhead kneepads are both large. We also sell the medium size Troxell Supersoft Kneepad. Click here for Troxell Medium Supersoft Kneepad.

Where can I get the X-Large ones like this?

These are the former "X-large" Troxell knee pads. They have changed their marketing to include the "Large" size they offer.

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Leatherhead knee pads

by -

As a finish carpenter, I am on my knees alot. I only wish I had these knee pads when I started this trade 25 years ago. My knes would be in better shape than they are today.

better than cardboard of paper scrap

by -

good for adjusting tile or stone in shower walls or backsplash

I would recomend this product to anyone

by -

Never been able to wear kneepads for an extended period of time because of discomfort. These pads are " all-day" comfortable because of their design. Very easy on and off.

one of the best knee pads I've ever had,

by -

I'm using this knee pads every day at work, they don't ware out so quickly, great product!

Excellent knee protection

by -

Used for protecting my husband's knees when doing all sorts of jobs around the home, working on machines (truck, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs), gardening, etc. Both of his knees were operated on in the past and the knee pads prevent re-injury. Excellent product!

Best Knee Pads I Have


When you are doing work on hard surfaces everyday your knees will start bothering you. when I bought these it was the best investment I could think of. super comfortable and highly recommended.

leather head knee pads


by far the best compared to the regular ones just clean them to keep thinset off and they should last 2 to 3 times longer than your regular ones