Schluter Ditra-Heat Uncoupling & Waterproofing Membrane

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Product Details

Product Details

Schluter Ditra-Heat Uncoupling Roll 134.5 sq. ft

Uncoupling and waterproofing membrane designed to secure Ditra-Heat heating cable in place. Provides uncoupling between tile and substrate to neutralize shear stresses that can lead to cracked tile and grout over time.


  • Eliminates the need for a self-leveling compound which minimizes the assembly thickness and allows for quicker installation
  • Roll dimensions are 3 ft. 3" width x 41 ft. 1" length
  • Covers 134.5 sq. ft
  • Designed for use with Ditra-Heat heating cables
  • Sold by the roll
  • Membrane is 1/4 in. thick
  • Installs with thinset

Common Questions

Do you need to wait for DITRA to dry before tiling?

Once the DITRA-HEAT membrane has been installed and the heating cables have been embedded within the membrane and tested, the tile can be installed right away. No need to wait for the thin-set mortar to cure.

Does DITRA-HEAT warm the room?

While DITRA-HEAT does offer some radiant heat that contributes to the overall comfort of the space, it is not designed to be a primary heating source for the entire room. Its main function is to provide a floor warming solution, creating a pleasant and inviting floor surface, especially during colder months.

Questions & Answers
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Where are you supposed to buy the heat cables?

This system is compatible with other brands of heating cable. We do not stock Ditra Heat cable at this moment.

Why is a separate circuit required for Ditra-Heat?

To operate high-power appliances, such as refrigerators, dryers, and dishwashers, etc. the National Electrical Code requires a dedicated circuit. This category also includes the Ditra-Heat floor heating system. The energy received by the heating system should not be shared with any other appliance. A dedicated circuit delivers enough power to the floor, without the risk of overloading the system. A dedicated circuit ensures that the wiring on your floor does not consume more power than it should. Using a non-dedicated circuit can lead to the wire overheating and, potentially, a fire.

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1/7/2023 4:36 pm

Fast Shipping

by Lesley -

Works great! Arrived quickly, in time for my job.

2/22/2023 2:51 pm

Easy to use

by Robert Capatina

This product is very easy to work with.

5/24/2023 8:30 pm


by David

Great product and quick shipping

6/21/2023 10:31 am

Great product

by Nate

Product arrived quickly, excellent price

7/13/2023 5:59 pm


by Debbie

Arrived on time and exactly what I ordered.

2/14/2024 10:56 pm

easy to work with

by Mark

Membrane cuts easily. The cable fits snug within the lugs.