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Can you describe the model of Makita demolition hammer that fits this trolley?

The following models are compatible from Makita: HM1317CB/HM1307CB.

Does the PA01HT Pearl Easy Hammer Trolly fit the Bosch BH2760VCB Jack hammer ?

You are looking for the PA01HTB model for the Bosch Brute. ***Update: The PA01HTB has been discontinued.

What blocks do I need for the trolley to fit a Hilti 1000? I have 2 each "B" and 2 each "F" blocks on hand, fyi.

The block set required is part number PA01BLHIL.

It says the dewalt d25960k is compatible however it is a 40lb hammer. So does it fit and work with this unit? Also does the spade PA02TS fit the same dewalt hammer?

This trolley is compatible with the D25960K and the PA02TS is the stripper of the this demo hammer and trolley.

Works with Bosch 11335K?

This product is compatible with a Bosch 1135K Hammer.

Will the Dewalt D25951k 29lb Demolition Hammer fit this trolley?

That model demolition hammer will not fit this Pearl Easy Hammer Trolley.