Nuheat 120V Floor Warming Standard Heat Mat

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Product Details

Product Details

Nuheat Mat 120V Floor Radiant Heating Heat Mat

Cold feet? Not with Nuheat!

Nuheat mats provide radiant floor heating to any room. Nuheat floor heating mats are easy to install and add comforting warmth to many flooring surfaces including tile, stone, laminate, and engineered wood.


  • Nuheat mat thickness: 1/8"
  • Installation is fast and easy - Use 1/4" layer thinset to adhere the Nuheat mat to the sub floor
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be controlled with many thermostats (Click here for Nuheat thermostats)
  • Provides radiant floor heat to tile, stone, granite, laminate, and engineered wood
  • Multiple Nuheat mats can be used together to provide under floor heat to the whole room
  • Nuheat mats come in many sizes and are available in both 120 & 240 volt formats (click here for 240V Nuheat Mats)
  • Covered by a 25 year warranty

Custom Nuheat Mat Sizes

Don't see the size you need? Custom Nuheat Mats are available for special order! Follow the Nuheat Measurement Instructions and send your room layout to for a complete quote.

120 Volt Floor Heating Cable Specifications
Model Volts Watts Amps Ohms Sq. Ft. Dimensions (Inch)
F1006120900.81607.540 x 27
F10081201070.91358.940 x 32
F10101201331.110811.140 x 40
F10121201601.39013.340 x 48
F1206120960.8150848 x 24
F120812012011201048 x 30
F12091201441.31001248 x 40
F12121201921.6751648 x 48
F150612012011201060 x 24
F15081201501.39612.560 x 30
F15091201801.5801560 x 36
F15101202101.86917.560 x 42
F15121202402602060 x 48
F15151203002.5482560 x 60
F18061201441.21001272 x 24
F10081201801.5801572 x 30
F18091202161.8671872 x 36
F18101202522.1572172 x 42
F18121202882.4502472 x 48
F18151203603403072 x 60
F18181204323.6333672 x 72
F21061201681.4861484 x 24
F21081202101.86917.584 x 30
F21091202522.1572184 x 36
F21101202942.54924.584 x 42
F21121203362.8432884 x 48
F21151204203.5343584 x 60
F21181205044.2294284 x 72
F21211205884.9244984 x 84
F25061201921.6751696 x 24
F25081202402602096 x 30
F25091202882.4502496 x 36
F25101203362.8432896 x 42
F25121203843.2383296 x 48
F25151204804304096 x 60
F25181205764.8254896 x 72
F25211206725.6215696 x 84
F25251207686.4196496 x 96
F27061202161.86718108 x 24
F27081202702.35322.5108 x 30
F27091203242.74427108 x 36
F27101203783.23831.5108 x 42
F27121204323.63336108 x 48
F27151205404.52745108 x 60
F27181206485.42254108 x 72
F27211207566.31963108 x 84
F27251208647.21772108 x 96
F27271209728.11581108 x 108
F300612023626119.7118 x 24
F30081202952.54924.6118 x 30
F300912035434129.5118 x 36
F30101204133.43534.4118 x 42
F30121204723.93139.3118 x 48
F30151205904.92449.2118 x 60
F30181207085.92059118 x 72
F30211208266.91768.8118 x 84
F30251209447.91578.7118 x 96
F302712010628.91488.5118 x 108
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Can NuHeat Warming Heat Mat be used in a shower floor?

This product can be used in a shower floor with proper installation and waterproofing methods.

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5/8/2015 12:31 am


by toastytoez

once you go heated you'll never go back! i love my heated kitchen floor! the nuheat mats are really easy to install and are so worth the investment. i highly recommend them and the nuheat signature thermostat. i turn my heated floor on while driving home from work with my cell phone. so cool! super fast shipping straight from nuheat too. i'm impressed! thank you!