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Multiquip ST2037 2 inch Submersible

Multiquip ST2037 2 Inch Submersible Pump


What is wattage requirements of a generator to run this?

All ST2037 submersible pumps require 115 V, 60 Hz., single-phase power for normal operation. Since Watts = Volts x Amps, you would need a ~3000 Watt generator to continuously run this pump.

Does this pump turn off when the water level reaches a certain level?

You would also need to purchase a float switch for an automatic shutoff option when the water reaches a certain level.

There is a standard thermal protection overload device installed to shut down the pump in the event of high operating temperatures.

how long is the cord that comes with this pump?

The cable length on this pump is 25 feet.

If water gets inside the wiring, how can you dry it out? Will it run intermittently if this happens?

Use multimeter to check motor insulation. Insulation resistance must be approximately 15 megaohms. If resistance is low, disassemble pump motor and bake windings to dry them. Refrain from running until windings are dry.

What is the horsepower and full load amperage rating for this pump. Do you have a pump curve or can you tell me how many gallons per minute will the pump pump at 20 ft of head.

This pump will move up to 73 gallons a minute at a maximum head of 37 feet. The motor is a 1 hp electric at 6.9 running amperage.

I have an MQ submersible pump and after draining the pool. The pump was moved to the second body of water. It startup. If the pump is ran dry for 20 min. If there a reset switch to reset the pump?

Did you have the optional control box installed on the pump? You should never allow the pump to run dry, as this will damage the pump. Dry running is only permissible during maintenance but only for a few seconds. It is likely that the pump is completely damaged.