Core Bore M-4 Complete Core Driller Rig

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Core Bore
$2,950.50 to $4,298.88
$2,950.50 to $4,298.88

Product Details

Product Details

Core Bore M4 Electric Core Drill Rigs

This core driller is great for the everyday contractor. It allows for coring holes from 1in to 6in and even has a handheld feature. Its lightweight and portable features make it a great rig to bring to the job site.


  • 6" bit capacity (3" hand-held)
  • Converts to hand held drill motor in seconds
  • Combination stand quickly angles to 45 degrees
  • Reversible slide handle, (use on left side or right side of rig)
  • High strength, hard anodized, 1-1/2" x 2" aluminum mast
  • 4 Adjustable slide bearings provide superior carriage rigidity
  • Carriage lock
  • Optional swivel stand, mast can rotate 360 degrees
  • Drill bits sold separately
  • Product may differ from image shown depending on model purchased

What's Included?

  • Core Bore M-4 Complete Core Drill Rig
  • Combo Anchor/Vacuum Base
  • Drill Motor
  • Mast (Column)
  • Carriage
  • Vacuum Pump (if purchasing model with a "V" ending)
  • Operator's Manual

Core Bore M4 Specifications
M4C-14-DK12-V16 Amp Weka DK12580/1400/290074 lbs.
M4C-14-DK1216 Amp Weka DK12580/1400/290067 lbs.
M4C-14-DK13-V16 Amp Weka DK13970/2330/483074 lbs.
M4C-14-DK1316 Amp Weka DK13970/2330/483067 lbs.
M4C-14-DK16-V18 Amp Weka DK16970/2330/483074 lbs.
M4C-14-DK1618 Amp Weka DK16970/2330/483067 lbs.
M4C-15-MW4097-V15 Amp Milwaukee500/100085 lbs.
M4C-15-MW409715 Amp Milwaukee500/100068 lbs.
M4C-20-MW4004-V20 Amp Milwaukee300/60085 lbs.
M4C-20-MW400420 Amp Milwaukee300/60068 lbs.
M4C-20-MW4005-V20 Amp Milwaukee600/120085 lbs.
M4C-20-MW400520 Amp Milwaukee600/120068 lbs.
M4C-7-DK12-V8 Amp Weka DK12 (230V)580/1400/290074 lbs.
M4C-7-DK128 Amp Weka DK12 (230V)580/1400/290066 lbs.
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how do i get the operators manual and a parts list

Please refer to the top of the details section for the manual and parts list. There are clickable links to access both items.

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