5988 Laticrete Strata Heat 240V Cable Floor Heating

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Manufacturer: Laticrete
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$162.63 to $749.10


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Laticrete Strata Heat 240V Wire

The luxurious Strata Heat wire by Laticrete can be used on many different floor coverings for your comfort.


  • Component of the Laticrete system lifetime warranty
  • Different spacing of wire allows for variable heat output that can be spread out of put closer together

Suitable Subtrates

  • Interior Horizontal Surfaces Only
  • Hydro Ban Board
  • Concrete
  • Mortar Beds
  • Exterior Glue Plywood
  • Existing Ceramic Tile & Stone
  • Cement Terrazzo
  • Cement Backer Board

Please see conversion chart for cable in square feet below


  • Interior floor installations only
  • Adhesives/mastic's, mortars and grouts for ceramic tile, pavers, brick and stone are not replacements for waterproofing membranes

Floor Heating Spacing

Coverage varies based on the chosen spacing pattern of the cable.

  • Standard Coverage - 17 watts per sq ft. with 3/2/3 pillar spacing on uncoupling systems

Item NumberCable Length (ft) Uncoupling Systems
3-2-3 peg Spacing
Uncoupling Systems
3 peg Spacing
Uncoupling Systems
4 peg Spacing
Loose Laid Cable
2 inch Spacing
Loose Laid Cable
4 inch Spacing
Loose Laid Cable
6 inch Spacing
0802-0083-483 ftCoverage21 sq ft25 sq ft33 sq ft14 sq ft21 sq ft28 sq ft
0802-0100-4100 ftCoverage25 sq ft30 sq ft40 sq ft17 sq ft25 sq ft33 sq ft
0802-0133-4133 ftCoverage33.5 sq ft40 sq ft53 sq ft22 sq ft33 sq ft44 sq ft
0802-0166-4166 ftCoverage41.5 sq ft50 sq ft67 sq ft28 sq ft42 sq ft55 sq ft
0802-0200-4200 ftCoverage50 sq ft60 sq ft80 sq ft33 sq ft50 sq ft66 sq ft
0802-0233-4233 ftCoverage58.5 sq ft70 sq ft93 sq ft39 sq ft58 sq ft77 sq ft
0802-0266-4266 ftCoverage66.5 sq ft80 sq ft107 sq ft44 sq ft66 sq ft88 sq ft
0802-0299-4299 ftCoverage75 sq ft90 sq ft120 sq ft50 sq ft75 sq ft100 sq ft
0802-0332-4332 ftCoverage83.5 sq ft100 sq ft133 sq ft55 sq ft83 sq ft111 sq ft
0802-0415-4415 ftCoverage104 sq ft125 sq ft167 sq ft69 sq ft104 sq ft138 sq ft
0802-0498-4498 ftCoverage125 sq ft150 sq ft200 sq ft83 sq ft124 sq ft166 sq ft
0802-0581-4581 ftCoverage146 sq ft175 sq ft233 sq ft97 sq ft145 sq ft194 sq ft
0802-0664-4664 ftCoverage166.5 sq ft200 sq ft266 sq ft111 sq ft166 sq ft221 sq ft
0802-0747-4747 ftCoverage187.5 sq ft225 sq ft300 sq ft124 sq ft187 sq ft249 sq ft
0802-0830-4830 ftCoverage208.5 sq ft250 sq ft333 sq ft138 sq ft207 sq ft276 sq ft

Questions & Answers (4)

7/11/2018 5:46:39 am

I was told by Laticrete that a floor sensor is included with each cable. Is this the case?

The floor sensor is included with each Strata Heat cable as well as the Strata Heat thermostat

1/7/2019 9:34:15 am

Is this wire rated to be installed in a wet area like a shower floor if properly waterproofed?

Yes these can be used in the shower floor as long as it is installed and waterproofed properly.

4/17/2019 7:30:19 am

Why are some cables 220v and some are 120v ?

The different voltage options are to be matched to the homes power

6/2/2020 4:34:33 pm

What is the proper linear footage for 60 sq ft of wire ?

Please refer to the coverage chart in the details section. Coverage varies based on the chosen spacing pattern of the cable. If you choose to use the standard 3-2-3 peg spacing on an uncoupling system, the 233 linear foot cable will cover 58.5 sq ft and the 266 linear foot cable will cover 66.5 sq ft.

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