DTA Universal Lippage Leveling 100 Piece Starter Kit

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Product Details

Product Details

DTA Universal Lippage Tile Leveling System - 100 Piece Kit

Kit Includes: Standard gun, 100 caps, and 100 universal straps. 2 Part System with Caps and Spacer that eliminate lippage in tile installation


  • Very easy to learn and use at any skill level
  • Increase the speed of installation
  • Gun tensions cap and spacer together
  • Gun can be used for walls and floors
  • Reusable Caps 40mm long
  • Universal lippage spacer dimensions: 4-1/4" (108mm) H x 7/16" (11mm) W x 5/64" (1.8mm) T

Spacers Features

  • Serrated on both sides
  • Longer spacers (pavers)
  • Curved base to tension different tile thickness
  • No soaking required
  • Ideals for floors and walls

How to use Lippage System

  • Place lippage spacer between tiles 4" from both ends of tile
  • Once tile and spacer are in place, fasten the lippage cap. There is a cap release lever to allow the cap to be removed if necessary
  • Clamp the two pieces together leveling the tiles using the leveling gun, holding the tiles in place while the tile adhesive sets
  • Once tile adhesive has dried, simply kick the cap along the grout joint to remove. Use white rubber mallet to remove from walls. Grout to finish tiled area
  • Remove cap from spacer for re-use

What's Included?

  • DTA Universal Lippage Leveling System Standard Gun
  • 100 pieces DTA Universal Lippage Leveling System Spacers
  • 100 pieces DTA Universal Lippage Leveling System Caps
Questions & Answers
1 questions

Do the straps come in a flat base version ? The curved straps tend to raise lighter tile away from the surface

DTA straps are only made in one version.

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1/16/2015 5:02 pm


by Robert Carbone -

This product does work at leveling tile. One problem I had with it was it spreads your grout joint as you clamp down on it. I was going with a 1/16" space but ended it with 1/8" or more in certain spots. About half way through the job I stopped using this product as it was throwing my lines off. The other problem is if you clamp down too much it will loosen the tile from the thinset.

1/16/2015 5:02 pm

We'll worth it

by Dave Schultz -

Having tried other leveling systems, I was a bit skeptical . This one worked great on both marble and large format porcelain tile. There is a bit of a learning curve as to how much pressure to use on tightening tool, and how many spacers to use per tile, but once you are past that it works well. Be aware this bucket only has the small red levelers,the large ones you will mostly use are sold separately. You won't use it on all installations, but. When you do it will be worth it.

11/24/2015 5:25 pm

Works Fine

by Gary -

A short learning curve for amount of pressure to apply to gun so you don't break straps. Much less expensive than other systems that use a gun to tighten straps. Easier to use than the wedge system I tried.

7/10/2016 12:58 pm

Don't let the cheap price fool you. This is an easy to use, quality system

by Rob

I never used anything like this system before, except the cheap QP branded version available at HD. It has slide in wedges, with break off levelers That are difficult to put in tightly. Even with that difficulty I liked that one, I love this one. Easy results. As stated in other revue the reason "it picks the tile up out of the mud" is to flatten the lippage, which it was intended to do by design. Absolutely highly recommended for a difficult task that is easily resolved with this product. Also thanks for stocking this reasonably priced brand. I can't say for sure buy the other brands do the same thing at a much higher cost. Highly recommend buying this kit. You will be back for refills.