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Innovis Better Bench Pre-formed Floating Shower Bench

$47.48 to $153.88

When mounting the better bench in a tiled shower stall, should the underside of the better bench be tiled exactly like the top and sides or left untiled?

Normally the underside of the Better Bench is not tiled. If you do tile the underside of the Better Bench a special thin-set will be required to bond to the metal.

We didn't have enough room for the BB-30 seat, so we installed the BB-24 seat, but it is too little. Is it possible to build out the BB-24 from 17" x 17" x 24 to 18" x 18" x 25 1/2 by adding tile on top of the existing tile?

This installation may work however you would void any warranty by Innovis. You are also potentially going to have issues with the tile as it may not adhere properly causing them to break and or come loose

When installing the BB-ADJR at a length of 48" with walls supporting the unit on each side (and back), what spacing should the invisabolts be positioned at? I would assume with the bench being supported at the walls you would want the two bolts closer to the center?

INVABOLTS should be mounted in the three holes closest to the center of the unit when installing the BB-ADJR at a length of 48'' with three walls supporting the bench.

Can the BB-ADJR seat be installed into a two wall corner, no third wall, and with two Invabolts for support? The bench will be extended to 45 inches.

Yes, you can either use two INVISABOLTs or one BT-17S to install the BB-ADJR in a two-wall corner.

Can the BB-ADJR bench be cut shorter than 33-1/2"?

Yes, the BB-ADJR can be cut down to a smaller size. Innovis suggests cutting off an equal length from both pieces of the unit using either a circular saw and metal blade or a pair of aviation snips.

How many InvisaBolts will I need for an installation of a BB-ADJR that will be fully extended to 62"? This will be a wall to wall installation.

Two (2) INVISABOLT supports are required when installing the BB-ADJR at a length of 62" between two walls.

I'd like to install a bench like this but the distance between the 2 walls is 67". Any way to accommodate that?

The BB-ADJR only reaches 62" with the added support. You would need to create a custom bench to accommodate that width.

When installing the BB-ADJR as a 30" bench secured on one end and at the back (one free end), how many invisibolts are needed, and positioned where? What would the weight capacity be of such an installation?

The dimensions of the BB-ADJR at it's smallest length is 33.5". It is not recommended that you cut the bench to a shorter length. When installing with one side on a wall and one side free, you would need 2 Invisabolts if the length exceeds 36". BB-ADJR has a 400 lbs. weight capacity.

Can this Better Bench rectangular framing be installed directly to the concrete cinder block walls of our home? What type of screws or anchors would I use and would it still support the 400 lbs that it is rated for? I do not want to build out framing and wood backing that would take away space for our new shower.

You can install directly into the cinder block walls, but there are some variables you need to consider first. If the cinder blocks are not filled, you will need additional reinforcement because unfilled cinder blocks average only about an inch thick. There may also be additional items (fasteners, concrete screws) that should be utilized for reinforcement of the bench. For a more detailed answer, Innovis Corp is happy to help guide you through your installation. Please contact them at (800) 382-9653.

How many supports are needed for a 33.5 inch bench bolted to back wall and one side wall?

One BT-17S within 6 inches of the open end or two INVISABOLT supports are required when mounting on the back wall and one side wall up to 36 inches.

How many Invisabolts are in a package?

There are 2 Invisabolts per package.

Can the adjustable bench with invisibolts be attached to a 42" tall 2 x 4 framed knee wall? attached to one side wall and invisibolts 32 inches long?

You should always ensure that you have secure blocking for the Invisabolts to sink into. You parameters appear to line up with this manufacturer requirement:

Mounting on back wall and one side wall up to 36" requires either:
-One BT-17 S within 6" of open end
-2 INVISABOLT supports (1 set)

Can I attach a floating BB-ADJR (extended as a 36" bench) to a 2x4 framed wall instead of a 2x6 framed wall? I've seen suggestions that you should have a 2x6 wall to attach it to.

Please adhere to the installation instructions from the manufacturer.

You do not need to install wood blocking unless you are extending the bench to over 36''.

Can this product be installed over an existing tiled wall?

It is possible to install over tiles, however, it is not recommended.

Please refer to the installation manual.

What is the load capacity of a back wall mount only? 36" or less.

"Mounting with no side support up to 36": Two(2) INVISABOLT supports required"

You would need a pack of Invisabolts. Better Bench advertises a 400 lb. load capacity.

The BB-30 is 30 inches, is that correct?

Yes, the BB-30 is 30". The full dimensions are, 3"x 21.5"x 21.5"x 30".

What would be the Width or the Dimension of the Seat from the wall out to the Face? Would this be comfortable to sit on for say " A Big Guy"? ;)

The bench is about 14" in width off the wall

Hi there , I am hoping to modify the depth on these bench seats. Is this possible?

The manufacturer has not tested cutting into the depth of the shower bench. However, it can be done, any adjustments made to the bench by the customer will void any warranty coverage.

I've purchased the BB-R26 model for installation post tile work. My home was built in the 60's and is made of CBS block construction so the wood mounting option won't work. How would my installer go about mounting through cement blocks?

You could try mounting with cement screws, however, this item is meant to be mounted to wood. Innovis may not cover any warranty claims should there be any issues.

Do the invisabolts come with the BB ADJR?

The BB-ADJR does not come with the Invisabolts. They must be purchased separately.

If I'm installing the adjustable bench to a length of 45" connected to one side wall and back wall, can I use invisibolts without the corbel support?

Yes, the Invisabolt will act as the support in place of the corbel support. Please see the installation procedures before you mount your better bench.

Looking to install a piece of granite over this BB-ADJR. It would be in a corner. How many total bolts would I need?

If you are mounting on a back wall and one side wall up to 36", one BT-17 S within 6" of open end or 2 INVISABOLT suppots are required.

If you are mounting along back wall and one sidewall up to 63", three(3) INVISABOLT supports required.

We need a 12” deep floating bench. Can you help get one please?

The only floating bench we offer is the BB-ADJR adjustable rectangular bench. This has a 14" depth.

We have a shower that will only accommodate a 30” bench. So the BB-30 is 30” inches wide? Why are the measurements 3 x 21.5 x 21.5 x 30? I guess I’m confused and don’t want to order the wrong thing.


The BB-30 is the 30 inch triangular bench. The 30 inches is the measurement of the face of the bench (marked by the holes in the front). The two sides are 21.5 inches and it is 3 inches in height (thick).

Can I use 3 Invisabolts for 3 sides of shower (1 ea side) to install open- floating shower bench (wood 2 x 10 x 36"lumber); later tiled?

The Invisabolts are not intended for installing wood benches. These fasteners are designed to install Better-Bench floating shower benches.

I am a little confused on what is necessary for BB26R? If using the BB26R, are bracket supports or Invisabolts required or does it come with necessary mounting materials? Thx.

The required fasteners are supplied with the BB-26R. The invisibolts are meant for the BB-ADJR when the spread exceeds 36 inches

If installing onto a half wall (36” high), can invisibolts be used or it not advisable?

Support is only required if the BB-ADJR spread exceeds 36". Then the manufacturer recommends using the invisibolts. The Invisabolt system allows bench to appear free floating.

Can the Innovis Triangular bench seat be installed with smooth side up?

This is not recommended by the manufacturer. If you follow the installation instructions, the top will be smooth for tile installation. Apply stiff mortar to completely fill bench unit, allowing for surface drainage by building mortar up in back corner and screeding even with upper front lip of unit. Pack mortar tightly, allowing the mortar to press through the front holes. Fill any voids in front channel and screed mortar flush with upper and lower lip of channel.

Can bench be installed after tile installed.

The manufacturer does not recommended installing these after tiling as it needs to be screwed into the substrate upon installation

Can you cut the width of the rectangle floating expandable bench to make it more shallow?

The manufacturer states that this unit is not designed to be cut. If a customer were to cut this product it will void any warranty.