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What should I use to "glue" the tile to this product?

You could use any modified or unmodified thinset (Laticrete does recommend using their thinset for warranty purposes).

The 36x48 inch pan with the curb: does the curb add on a couple inches to the overall size? For example, if the area I have for the pan is exactly 36X48, will the curb increase the width of the pan to more than 36 inches?

The curb adds an additional 3" on every size water pan. Example: 36"X48" pan will make the overall demensions to 39"X48".

Can this be used in basement with concrete floor?

Yes, concrete floors are a suitable substrate for the shower pans.

Can two 48 x 48 center drain pans be connected and use extensions at both ends to reach the inside length? Or, what would a custom pan, to the aforementioned dimensions, cost?

If you have two drains in place or the ability to alter the plumbing to accommodate each pan drain, you can install a shower with your described configuration.

You can order a custom pan with the exact dimensions and drain placement. Fill out the custom pan form and submit so we can obtain pricing for you. Lead time is generally 2-4 weeks for custom pans from Laticrete.

I’m doing a 36” x 36” shower stall. Is it best to cut the 36” x 48” prefab pan on-site or is it recommended to have the custom pan made to those dimensions instead?

Either method will work. The Hydro Ban Shower Pans are fully waterproof. You would need to treat the cut edges with Hydro Ban Waterproofing Membrane. You can also create a customer pan here. Custom pans have a 2-3 week lead time and are non-returnable and non-refundable.

are these sloped pans for use w curbless showers,also?

Yes, you can create a hydro ban barrier free shower using the hydro ban center drain Pre-Sloped Shower Pan and Pre-Sloped Ramp. The combination of these hydro ban shower system products along with hydro ban liquid applied waterproofing membrane, thin-set and grout provide a zero entry shower that is ADA compliant. Please see the video below.

When using a 2' x 4' pre-sloped extension added to one end of a pre-sloped shower pan, do I need to use a membrane w/thinset to cover the seam or will using their adhesive & sealant in the rabbit be sufficient?

You can stick with the adhesive & sealant. You do not need the membrane with thinset for this situation.

What is the Part number for the drain for this pan?

Would i need to add inside corners for pan to wall board or only sealant?

This is dependent on the wallboard you are going to use. If you are using laticrete's hydro-ban board they recommend following the installation instructions for that product or calling them at (800) 243-4788.